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May 15, 2015, Elimination Phase Day 7

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  • May 15, 2015, Elimination Phase Day 7

    Okay, I saw the Admin's post about having to back up to May 5 which caused a deletion of EVERYTHING.

    Oh well - the work I put in cannot be erased. Amy - I am feeling FANTASTIC! It is hard work with all the food prep but the way I'm feeling it is worth it.

    B - had a little leftover chicken sausage over spiralized zucchini, yellow squash and red onion; side of organic cultured raw sauerkraut.

    S - attended a birthday brunch where I work for all the May people. I just stuck to some melon and pineapple slices. I eyed the pans of scrambled eggs, hashed browns, bacon, sausages, rows of muffins, bagels and pastries. Some of the food might be paleo (scrambled eggs) but I'm off of them for the E.D. - and besides, all that stuff is cooked in PUFAs.

    To be honest folks - those tempting trays looked like POISON to me.

    Is that a breakthrough? Oh yeah baby!

    Late lunch: there's a great Mediterranean place near my naturopath's office so I ordered a Mediterranean romaine salad topped with one chicken kabob. They are very good about accommodating GF people. It was delicious, with an olive oil and lemon vinaigrette. Technically I shouldn't have any citrus yet but oh well.

    PLAY: I walked from my naturopath's office to the restaurant to get my order. Got in some steps on my Fitbit, enjoyed walking along the waterways and streets enjoying the gardens in bloom, fresh breeze. Saw a goldfinch, a kingfisher, and a mama and papa Canada goose swimming with about six goslings in a row between them. Aaah happiness.