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  • Back to normal after pregnancy

    Well I started eating non-primal or paleo during pregnancy, due to morning sickness, tiredness, being very busy with no time and cravings. I gained too much weight.
    Well now baby is 5 weeks old, my energy levels are way up despite bein up in the night frequently breastfeeding, and I'm doing better at eating primal. However I still need to improve...which is why I'm starting this journal for accountability. I have been eating too many chocolates and ice cream! I've also been eating oatmeal and sweetening it, to help with milk supply but I'm going to cut this out and only bring it back if my supply suffers.

    Before pregnancy i was doing intermittent fasting, which worked for me but I'm not going to attempt that while nursing.

    I also am looking forward to exercising again. For the above mentioned reasons I was not exercising in the second half of my pregnancy - too tired and no time mostly. I know having a newborn and toddler getting in exercise may sometimes be challenging, but I'm going to do it!

    So currently I'm 204lb, about 40 lb over my pre pregnancy weight, so I have a long way to get back to normal but I'm not looking for quick results.

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    So I guess I should start using this journal now.
    Today's eating
    5:00 am - (baby was up for 2 hours nursing and me holding him and waking around so I ate something, and eventually he went back to sleep) Apple, small handful walnuts, 2 Turkey breakfast sausage, cheese string
    10:30 am - smoothie (banana, Apple, spinach, coconut milk, yogurt, cream
    11:30 - kefir
    1:30 - coffee with cream and coconut oil
    4:00 - spinach, salmon tomato stew, and steamed broccoli with olive oil, 1 hard boiled egg
    7:30 - bites of toddlers Apple
    8:30 - <1 piece of bacon, small handful almonds
    10:00 - 3 eggs, with onion, mushroom, kale, spinach, on lard with 1/4 avocado; Kara Kara orange
    12:30am - pumpkin oatmeal (pumpkin, 1 egg, oatmeal, spice, bit of coconut sugar)

    5 weeks post partum so just walking for now, will start run walk intervals next week if Dr says it's ok
    Walked around Costco wearing the baby for half hour
    Walked around neighbourhood and to park wearing baby and pushing toddler in the stroller. At least 1.5 hours on my feet. I was going to walk on the treadmill tonight by going to skip it given the long walk already.

    So far so good, I just need to keep it is way.
    Edit, I probably should have done without the oatmeal especially with added sugar. Also it seems like a lot of food in one day!
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      Ok, so yesterday I was eating well until I had one of my son's coconut flour muffins, and then after that I gave in to eating some more sweets later on.

      breakfast - smoothie (banana, Apple, spinach, coconut milk, yogurt, cream, chia seeds)
      snack - kefir, coffee w/ coconut oil, cream
      lunch - chili & cooked cabbage, steamed broccoli & olive oil
      snack - cucumbers & ranch, pumpkin muffin (coconut flour)
      dinner (at parent's house) - salad, chicken wings, ribs, green beans, kabocha squash, plantain
      snack ( at parents house - ate some more a few hours later) - ribs, wings, salad, 2 chocolate easter eggs, small handful nuts
      snack (at home) - another muffin, yogurt with cocoa powder & coconut sugar, banana

      not much exercise yesterday either, besides walking around the house with the baby.
      Again i feel i ate too much, and i should not have ate the muffins or yogurt, or chocolates. I need to avoid added sugar altogether or i go nuts.


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        breakfast - 10:30 am :smoothie (banana, Apple, spinach, coconut milk, yogurt, cream, chia seeds)
        snack -12:00 pm kefir, coffee w/ coconut oil, cream
        at wedding shower - 2:30 pm - veggies & small amount of dip, olives, cheese cubes and fruit
        lunch - 6:30pm - 4 eggs w/ onions, mush, kale, spinach, in lard; 1/2 avocado