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  • The Ceaseless Journey-maker - Primal Journal

    Hello all,

    In a newfound zest for a primal lifestyle, I created this post as an ongoing journal of sorts. Hopefully, it will serve several purposes: bolstering commitment to the lifestyle by creating stakes, garnering support and encouragement from my peers, and with any luck, being able to give something back to the MDA community.

    Short bio: I'm an American expat living/working in Germany, former military, proud Vermonter at heart, lifestyle minimalist, and avid reader of MDA.

    Why Primal? I like to think of myself as 100% Primal, but the reality is that I'm more 80/20. I've been on and off the bandwagon for the last couple years. Things like peer pressure, poor prior planning, and negative self-image are the primary contributors to my own self-defeat. That being said, the more primal my nutrition and lifestyle are, the better I feel.

    How I find balance: I meditate for one hour each day and spend time doing some form of physical activity. Working out keeps me on an even keel. I do just enough to stimulate the CNS, but not enough to be truly fatigued. "Stay fresh"

    Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read. I'd appreciate any insights/encouragements you have to offer and hopefully, I can return the favor.

    Keep well,
    Bry aka "Bing"
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    Welcome Bing! Sounds like you are on the right track!
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

    Age 48
    height 5'3
    SW 215 lbs
    CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
    LW 172 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs


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      Thanks! Great to be here!

      Today's stats...


      a.m. Butter Coffee with Coconut oil (I used to do BP Coffee religiously, but now it's a once a week thing... if at all)
      lunch. Eggs, bacon, sprinkled with cheese
      p.m. BCAAs and some black coffee
      dinner. Pork sausage, broccoli, and small amount of white potatoes.
      night. small glass of Malbec and a piece of very dark chocolate.

      1. One-arm push-up, singles, 7 total sets.
      2. L-Chin-ups, ladders. 1, 2, 3 x 5 sets
      3. Pistols, singles and doubles. (lost track of sets... approx. 7)
      4. Planche work and L-hangs (~10 sec. holds)

      Really working on strength (tension) and technique when it comes to calisthenics. (or maybe it's the other way around... :P ) I typically throw in some full Bridges or some handstand work, BUT my EMOM one-arm Kettlebell swing workout yesterday left my posterior chain pretty drained.
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        Today's stats:

        Breakfast: Almond flour flapjacks with butter (for the girlfriend), Black coffee
        Mid-Morning: Piece of dark chocolate and a few almonds
        Lunch: (post-workout) BCAAs, Whey shake mixed with water (I use XBrain, because it's the best I could find in Europe)
        Dinner: Grilled burger (.5 lb) with grilled pineapple "buns" and avocado. 1.5 white potatoes.
        Snack: The rest of the pineapple

        Nutrition notes: Higher carb day, but it's been a heavy training weekend.

        Pull-up ladders, focus on explosive concentric motion and controlled eccentric. 1,2,3x3
        Handstand push-ups, 1,2,3,2,1,2,3
        L-sit holds 10 sec x4
        Kettlebell Snatches, 24kg each arm: 15, 10, 5

        Training notes: Finished up with some mobility work. My biggest priority currently is my shoulders. I'd like to get to the point of being able to handle a 24kg Sots press. Perhaps I'll sneak in a yoga day... we'll see. Can anyone recommend a good shoulder mobility routine? I tend to do a lot of "dislocators", but I feel as though I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.
        Overall, I felt pretty strong today. The spirit calls for more while the common sense shouts "go relax, dummy!"


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          Brief note: Yesterday was a very long work day, followed by a conference of sorts. Nutrition was ok with the exception of far too many cocktail peanuts and more wine than nutritionally beneficial.

          Today's stats:

          a.m. Coffee with a little milk
          Late Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, and tomato.
          Lunch: Whey protein, handful of almonds, some salami (admittedly, not so primal)
          Dinner/post-workout: Pork sausage, steamed broccoli, white rice
          Dessert: tiny piece of dark chocolate and BCAAs

          Warm up complex with 24kg Kettlebell (Halos, Goblet squats...)

          A. 5 Min EMOM One-arm Kettlebell Swing (10 reps each arm).
          B. 1x3 Turkish Get-up each side

          If anyone hasn't read Simple & Sinister by Pavel Tsatsouline, leave this blog, google it, get it for your Kindle. It's exactly what the name says.

          Today was a very light training day. Post wine-binge rehab. Focus was on technique and I made sure not to approach failure.


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            Today's stats:

            Breakfast: Butter Coffee w/ Coconut oil
            Lunch: Leftover pork sausage and a pile of steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) and butter.
            Snack: Green olives and Whey
            Dinner: Ground beef/pork sprinkled with a little mozzarella, heaping pile of steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)

            A.M. session of S&S (swings and TGUs with 24kg Kettlebell)
            GTG style one arm push ups throughout the day.
            At night some Pistols and Bridge work.

            Notes: The weather has been pretty crappy, so I've been unable to get outside and do some bar work. I also did a lot of reading about the function of mTOR in relation to protein intake. Mark posted about this a while back, but it was interesting to find out a little bit more. Just as Insulin and Leptin relate to carbohydrate intake, mTOR reacts to protein.


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              Well, It's been about a 2 week or so hiatus. I'm back. Sorting out some things and gaining new perspective on others. Over the past week I've really been getting realigned with the primal lifestyle. We all, or most of us at least, experience relapses into something leaning more toward the SAD. The symptoms accompanying this relapse reminded me of how great it is just to feel good all the friggin' time!

              I've also been working with the mother of a good friend of mine. She suffers from Hashimoto's, joint pain, gut issues, fatigue and the whole shebang. Together we've cleaned up her diet and turned her on to a more paleo/primal way of eating and she's improving by leaps and bounds. It's definitely a good feeling to pay it forward.

              Morning: Coffee, butter & coconut oil, dash of vanilla and a whopping pie-in-the-face helping of cinnamon (accident!)
              Lunch: Tuna fish, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, butter and a side of sauerkraut.
              Snack: Whey protein, mixed nuts
              Snack 2: Eggs & bacon

              Notes: The "Snack 2" is really just to tide us over for a bit. The weather here has been very miserable, so we're doing a more traditional date night (i.e. dinner and drinks, primally aligned though!). I also recently switched protein powders. X-Brain was a very good protein, but all the lactose caused some issues. I switched to MyProtein, which according to is a sound brand.

              Morning: 10 Minute EMOM, 24kg Kettlebell swings, 10 per arm for 10 sets.

              Notes: I should probably mention they are Hardstyle Russian Swings and not American Swings. I'm looking forward to getting a 32kg!
              As I mentioned, the weather's been miserable, so my calisthenics work has been pretty limited to pistols, bridges, and push ups. I dialed back the training a bit as the last couple weeks have been pretty stressful and it was affecting my workouts.

              Keep well,