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    Hi all, very excited about starting my journal!

    I've been stalking the forums and other websites for a while now, somewhat dabbling in the diet but it's time to get serious, it starts tomorrow (well today really 11/04/2015 but i'll start officially when I wake up).

    I'm 5'2 and 67kg which is a tad high but i'm not overly fussed, I have a little something extra but am very comfortable with my body and I appreciate that weight loss is a natural by-product of becoming healthier so i'm willing to adopt that ethos and not strictly measure my progress by the scale, though of course that will inevitably come into it!

    I do however have various sporadic digestive complaints that range from slightly annoying gurgling sounds and bloating to not going for days and then the opposite.. i'll spare you the details so i'm hoping to find an answer to this. I highly suspect it's sugar and stress driven (not sure what I make of the whole candida thing.. very complicated) as I'm a through-and-through cake fiend and have been know to tear my way through multiple packets of biscuits in one sitting given the opportunity.. eek!

    Now i'm a creature of planning and habit, and I like to keep things simple so I often eat the same things over and over until I get fed up and then move on to the next round of meals and basically rinse and repeat it makes everything alot easier, quicker and more budget friendly!

    So here's the meals i've planned out for the foreseeable future, apart from eating out obviously where i'll deal with it as I go and find something primal!

    Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with buttered kale and avocado
    Lunch: HUGE salad with fish (tuna or salmon) and balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing
    Dinner: Chicken thighs (with skin! ) with mixed vegetables and sweet potato (or banana)
    Snacks: Mixed nuts always on hand in case of hunger!

    I'll no doubt post pictures of these meals (and me!) as I go along and make them but in terms of deviation there in theory won't be much for at least the next few weeks, so this food journal is more of an accountability, commitment and cake-dodging tool for myself rather than actually listing the food i've eaten as that should stay pretty stable.

    As for other goals i'm hoping to start meditating every day (at least 10 minutes and work my way up to relieve stress), begin convict conditioning and walk 10,000 steps a day (I already do the last one so that'll just be a case of maintenance). I figure if i stick it out for 30 days i'll be on to a winner.

    Here's to the first day of the rest of my life! Thanks for coming along for the ride with me, it's gonna be a good'un.