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    So I have dabbled with primal/paleo before, but now I'm ready to take the 21 day commitment!

    Tomorrow is Monday March 23rd... suitable that a Monday will be my Day 1. I can't wait to see how 3 weeks will change my health and move my eating habits into the right direction! Follow my journal to see how I'm doing, I'll post updates every day.
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    Day 1

    Today was a rocky start. Went to the gym after a long dismal sleep-in (extremely lethargic from day 0's 'last supper' of dominoes pizza). The workout was tough but I got through it! Feeling proud of myself when slowly the feeling of nausea and dizziness crept up. I threw up my protein shake and sat for 20 minutes before feeling stable enough to shower. Like I said, rocky start.

    But the day went up from there! Didn't eat anything until around 3pm (also on account of the crazy amount of pizza I ingested last night, I'm sure). Feeling a slight crash right now because I realized I didn't have my daily coffee, so I've just poured myself half a cup to slow my curve to quit. 1/2 cup a day for the next ten days should be enough to graduate to 1 cup every second day.
    Anyhow, here's my intake:

    6 bacon wrapped scallops
    xl spinach salad with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and 1/4 apple

    1 egg
    1/2 avocado
    1 small chicken breast
    1 tbsp PC Blue Menu Memories of Szechwan sauce

    Cream in my 1/2 cup of coffee

    WELL... I'm off to eat something before bed. Only 950 calories today wow, that pizza binge really stuck in my gut.



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      Okay Day 2 was yesterday (almost forgot to post). Had an awesome day! The workout the day before helped me get a really sound sleep. here was my intake:

      Protein shake (almond milk, coconut milk, chocolate whey isolate, 1/2 banana, 1tbsp cocao, ice)
      Cream in my cup of coffee

      Gala apple

      1 small chicken breast

      2 eggs in an omelette with 8 meatballs, 1/2 avocado
      xl spinach salad (spinach, balsamic, olive oil, apple slices, pumpkin seeds, dried crans)

      grapes and strawberries

      Let Day 3 commence!


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        Today's intake:

        Protein shake

        Three chicken drumsticks with skin
        1/2 avocado
        Green peas and cherry tomatoes

        Gala Apple

        5mini meatballs
        Xl spinach salad

        Glass of wine
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