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Midlife Conquest - 21 days and beyond...

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  • Midlife Conquest - 21 days and beyond...

    Accountability. That's what I need, and from folks who are on the same path. This looks like the perfect place for it.

    Copied from the intro thread, here's my reason for getting started:

    My 14 year old daughter is sick. She is a tiny, petite girl who has just been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. We have always eaten far more healthfully than most people, and yet she still has the food-related illness. The doctor's advice sounded WRONG to me, and I embarked on some research and discovered this site. (I am personally about 35 pounds overweight, so I could do with some changes too.) Mainly, I am switching with her, so that I can encourage her on a journey to healing. I can't sit there eating pasta and say, "Sorry, kid, it sucks to be you!" I'm positive that food can make her well again and I am determined that make this happen. She is, thankfully, very much on board. We went about this without a plan for a couple of weeks and had limited food with a higher glycemic index. We went away on a short holiday and she wanted to try eating without limitations. Within a few hours, her abdomen had begun hurting badly again, and the link was clearly established in her head. It makes it far easier that I don't have to force her to comply.

    Then there's me...I'm 35 pounds overweight if I'm being generous. I'll be turning 46 soon and I think I'm going to miss my window to get into shape again if I don't do it now.

    So, we started the 21 day challenge yesterday officially, although we really followed the plan on Sunday as well. My tummy is NOT happy, not at all, and I'm not sure why.

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    Day 1:

    Coffee w cream and a teeeeeeny bit of sugar

    Leftover roasted chicken, carrots

    SIGH - out of the house, in the boondocks, for hours longer than expected. The closest thing I could find was breaded chicken. I picked off as much of the breading as possible, ate enough to keep from keeling over, and tossed the rest. In the future I will be better prepared.

    Small serving of paleo chili

    Grassfed ground beef patty covered with sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of parmesan

    Not fantastic but overall a decent Day 1. Carbs were higher than I hoped they'd be, at 71 grams, but I'm pretty happy.

    Day 2:

    This went way smoother, especially easy since I was home.

    Coffee with cream and sugar

    homemade pork sausage and egg

    Paleo chili with some Irish cheddar (after all, it's st. paddy's day) and a few crumbled homemade tortilla chips i should have thrown out. And by a few, I mean 6.

    Almonds and broccoli. Yeah. Weird combo.


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      Welcome, Farmerchick!

      Cudo's to you for going 'against the grain' and finding your own answers. It all gets easier with time. Before you know it, it'll all be second nature.

      BTW, I'm in that same 'window' to get into shape too. Just started lifting weights and cuz I'm not into cardio.
      Some people just need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a hammer.


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        Hi Farmerchick! I haven't started a journal or officially introduced myself, but I'm in a similar position. Female, turned 50 last May, am on tamoxifen for breast cancer (stage I) that was diagnosed in December 2012 and treated in early 2013 (surgery and radiation). Between middle age, tamoxifen, menopause and bad food choices, I've developed a tire around my middle that's not just unsightly but seems dangerous to me.

        I started PB on Ash Wednesday, so I'm now starting my fourth week (though I geared up for it a few days before I officially started). The scale isn't doing anything dramatic (four pounds in a month), but I've lost some inches, and my torso and face look different. I have narrow feet and slender hands and ankles, but in the first week I noticed how bony they looked -- apparently I had edema that I'd gotten used to seeing. I was encouraged to have an immediate response to something that I didn't even realize was an issue.

        You're in a challenging phase of the process. Look up "low carb flu" if you're feeling crappy. All the best to you, and I look forward to following your journaling!


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          Thank you so much for the welcome, GemiNia and Aurora. I'm glad I am not the only person in this age-range with these challenges!

          Yep, definitely sounds like that "low carb flu". Good times. *rolls eyes* On the bright side, my kiddo does not seem affected by the lower carbs, so that is good news.

          Wednesday was a difficult day. My daughter lost her dad on that day a few years back, so she is understandably low. We decided to go to the beach for the day, and left the house woefully unprepared for a day of Primal eating. Thus, Wednesday was a wash. On the bright side, we managed not to consume any grains, but we did indulge in sugar. My carbs were in the "insidious weight gain zone" that day.

          For the rest of the week, I've stuck closely to the plan and kept the carbs between 55-80 grams per day.

          I was not delighted to weigh in this morning and find myself up a half pound. I suppose it must have been our off-plan day. Despite that, I feel a bit more energetic and ready to deal with life. My daughter swears she feels no differently, but I've noticed she only complained of liver pain once this week - Wednesday, after our sugar-fest. Obviously I can't 100% say that is the link, but it sure seems that way. Previously she had complained of abdominal pain at least once a day, usually in the early evenings. I believe there's a link and am very interested to see her blood counts after a few months of this.


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            Welcome FarmerChick.
            I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's sickness. I recently read an article about kids with the same issue who stopped eating high fructose foods for a week. the results of this test showed that in a week time the fat % in the liver went down with 5%. I can't find the article anymore but if I cross it again I will post a link for you. it should be an interesting read for you.

            As for having issues with the plan. be prepared!!! Make sure you have snacks at hand, like a box of dried fruits and nuts and jerky for when you can't find anything to eat while out.
            Make meal plans and plan ahead for the week. it will make life so much easier...
            My story, My thought....

            It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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              Oh - exercise. I've invested in a Fitbit to track my movement. I'm a writer and sit on my butt a lot. A butt that has, up until now been ever-widening.

              So, it varies. I'd like to hit 10k steps per day, but last week I only go there once. I think for the immediate future, 6k is ambitious yet realistic. I walk the dog, do chores here at our little homestead, and hike.

              I wore this for a couple of weeks before I really got motivated and discovered something kind of awful. On an average day previous to getting my butt in gear, I walked about 1000 steps per day, give or take a little. That's HORRIBLE. So, I'm saving up to get my daughter a Fitbit too, and hopefully it will inspire her to move more also.

              I'm pleasantly surprised that, although the first week was REALLY FREAKIN' HARD, it is starting to get easier to walk a couple of miles. I am NOT going into this midlife thing as a fat, sedentary person.


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                Hi MarielleGo! Thank you for that encouragement regarding the outlook on reducing the fat in my lil girl's liver. I think we will definitely see success with this plan.

                Great idea regarding the snacks. I never realized how difficult it would be to just hit a store or restaurant and find things that were reasonable to eat. I think I'm going to put together a "go-bag" with Primal snacks that will not go bad. I like the idea of the dried fruits, nuts, and jerky. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty homesteady and think I could make some awesome goodies like that here at home! Having it already packed this way, if we want to head out impulsively, we can grab it and bring it with us in seconds.


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                  Today went about as perfectly as a day of Primal Challenge could. I got 10,598 steps in (YAY) and I kept my carbs under 50 (double YAY). I managed to stay on track 100%, aside from the 2 tsp of sugar across my morning coffee that I've decided will be my "indulgence". I figure as long as I count it into my carbs, it can fall into the 20 part of my 80/20, right? Grains honestly have not been an issue at all. We don't even really miss them.

                  The cookbook arrived today and my daughter chose some recipes she wanted me to make, so we went shopping for them and will try them throughout the week. The Primal Fuel stuff was far tastier than expected. (I sort of sound like an advertisement today.)

                  I really hope this works, because nothing else has. I had a downer afternoon, because my dresses arrived for a wedding I am in next month. I ordered 3 with the plans to send two back. Numbers 1 and 2 would not even zip across the boobs. #3 fits, but I am so distraught at what I see in the mirror. I really, really hate how I look right now, and I am cringing over appearing in a whole bunch of wedding photos like this. If I didn't positively adore the friends getting married, I never, ever would have appeared in public like this. Pretty down about all that today, but pleased with my efforts towards better health.

                  I realized the two things that made the difference today, vs. other days. Food was prepped ahead of time, so there was always something on-plan available. And I split my walk into 2. Instead of trying to grit my teeth and haul my ass 5 miles, I did 2 miles earlier with my daughter, and the rest after supper while she was at a birthday party. So, I'm going to continue with this. I'll do 2 miles right off the bat in the morning, so it gets done,a nd then absolute worst case scenario, if the day gets away from me, I did 2 miles.

                  Until next time.


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           up and walked 2 miles between my first and second cup of coffee, as per my plan of yesterday.


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                      Okay, now that I'm done with being a big baby about my lack of immediate results.

                      Today was another good day. I was a little higher than I wanted to be with carbs, but still only 61g. I got up early and walked the dog for 2 miles, then was active with my daughter in the afternoon. I surpassed the 10k step goal and exceeded 11k. I'll do this again tomorrow, with the early morning walk and the food planning.


                      Coffee w/ cream and sugar, pecans

                      Steak and broccoli stirfry

                      Primal Fuel shake with pineapple and half a banana

                      Roasted chicken, cauliflower mash with raw milk cheddar

                      My daughter's doing really well with this plan. She went to a birthday party last night and ate grain-free until dessert. She had a small piece of cake and one scoop of ice cream. It has to be sort of difficult to eat sensibly when you're 14 years old and your friends are all having chips and soda pop and candy. She says that this plan is really easy to follow (and it is). She has also had some tangible results, maybe reduced inflammation. She's lost 4 pounds and 3 inches from her waist this week. I sincerely hope her triglycerides are also dropping and her fatty liver is improving.

                      Tomorrow I'll carry on with the meal planning and the 2 part workout. Weighing in, too, which is rarely fun for me.

                      Until tomorrow...


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                        Hi Farmerchick, you are making a wonderful start. Good on you for researching something to help your daughter and jumping in boots and all to keep her company on this. I really really hope it works for you both, I can't see why it wouldn't.

                        I have a 14yo also, fortunately she is healthy. In fact I think she is a lot more robust than both her older sisters were at her age as she has had the benefit of a mostly primal diet during these past few years which obviously are critical ones for growth and development. I now regret how I fed the other two, I think they were half starved. Low fat and low budget are now thankfully in my past.

                        Anyway, best wishes to you both for good eating and good health.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          Just noticed your journal this morning and plan on following along. You are an inspiration to be sure.
                          Female back to the basics: 5-2017
                          CW: 2017: 150
                          GW: 130 a dream, I know
                          Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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                            Originally posted by FarmerChick View Post
                            I had a downer afternoon, because my dresses arrived for a wedding I am in next month. I ordered 3 with the plans to send two back. Numbers 1 and 2 would not even zip across the boobs. #3 fits, but I am so distraught at what I see in the mirror. I really, really hate how I look right now, and I am cringing over appearing in a whole bunch of wedding photos like this. If I didn't positively adore the friends getting married, I never, ever would have appeared in public like this. Pretty down about all that today, but pleased with my efforts towards better health.
                            Been there, Hated that! In fact, I think I'm still there

                            But, it sounds like the rest of your weekend was absolutely positive
                            Some people just need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a hammer.


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                              Good morning, everyone!

                              Well, shebang, the scale finally freakin' moved. Down 3 pounds this morning from my starting point.

                              Got almost 3 miles in with the dawg this morning, so off to a good start.

                              Good morning, everyone - I plan to find your journals today so I can stalk you all.

                              Aurora - I wanna swear off trying on new clothes FOREVER. It bites, doesn't it?

                              Pam - Hi! Thanks for dropping in!

                              Annie - Thanks for the kind words! I feel badly about how I fed my kids when they were younger and I was broke and dumb, too. Honestly, I blame Big Food and the USDA for a lot of this. They tell us we are doing the right thing so we will buy their crappy, nutrient-bereft products, and convinced, we follow along, earnestly trying to do the best for our children. We've been strictly organic with little processed food for 4 years now, and my kid still got sick from the low-fat, whole grain food I gave her. (Well, there could be some genetic components, her father died young of heart disease, so it may be inherited.) Nonetheless, we're on track now, right?

                              Off to make some food for the day. Until later!