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    Pre-Run: 2 mugs of coffee w/ ~1/2c lactaid

    W/O: long run day-17 miles

    Recovery Snack: 2c+ lactaid spiked with coffee

    Brunch: 3 eggs with 1c cooked spinach, whole onion, diced tomatoes

    2 more mugs of coffee + lactaid

    Through day @office: couple handfuls of cherries,

    1c+ activia light vanilla yogurt, giant apple

    -tea with stevia

    D1: broccoli and carrots cooked in olive oil, fresh spinach, drizzled olive oil, fresh garlic!

    3c or so of cantaloupe, ½ tub lactaid cottage cheese

    -herbal tea with stevia

    S: another cup of yogurt, another giant apple

    D2: 2 bowls of lentils cooked in garlic and cumin + ~2c each spinach and carrots, hummus

    -bedtime is going to involve something sweet but "ok if I must" [cottage cheese with berries?] lest I cave to the cravings that make me want to do nothing but screw it all and raid the ice cream

    ...and hopefully some fat too!

    + It's been one day and the turnaround is remarkable. With my digestion, anyways.

    - I'm still tired and hungry nonstop, having trouble just "getting on to life."

    - too much fruit and beans vs. meat protein, too little fat


    *more fat!

    *more meat

    *hopefully keeping up with appetite so I can get on and do something besides wonder what I can eat next?

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    ~1/2c frozen blueberries with 1/2c lactaid cottage cheese

    15 almonds

    herbal tea with stevia

    satisfied, sleepy, and ready for even better doing and feeling tomorrow!


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      I would definitely say MORE meat to get more calories in. I usually cook a batch of chicken or turkey and keep it in the fridge to eat as a snack or to add to my salad. Just having it handy makes it easier to incorporate into my day.

      What marathon are you training for??

      I am doing Columbus this October.


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        Yeah meat definitely needs to come into the picture more with me! I'm so into quick foods that unless I have packages of lunch meat [which Im not eating now] on hand I don't get it regularly. I'll make extra next time to keep it on hand!

        I'm training for Detroit in October. Feeling better in some ways, but overall lacking in energy and my pace is much slower. I hope it's just a matter of adjusting...

        Here's today-finally down to meat, fat, and veggies, plus my milk stuff:

        Midnight[my pre-run meal of sorts]:

        ~2/3c lactaid cottage cheese,

        1oz+ almonds, 1oz hazelnuts,

        cup of almond milk and lactaid

        AM first thing: 2 mugs of coffee, ~½c lactaid

        w/o: 8.5m strong but slow

        B: 3 eggs + peppers, canned tomatoes, shredded carrots, a whole onion, and heaps of kale

        -cooked to charcoal perfection—hopefully still got more iron than carcinogens!

        L: refried beans with frozen spinach,canned tomatoes, and salsa

        Plain stonyfield farms yogurt with cinnamon and stevia

        S: lactaid cottage cheese,

        couple handfuls of hazelnuts

        w/o: 45min of Spin Class

        S: mug-a warmed up lactaid [milk]

        D: ~4oz chicken baked in lemon juice with kale, asparagus, and a host of spices,

        The rest of the batch of roasted asparagus and kale chips

        +mixed canned tomatoes-plain and with hot chili peppers-over all of it

        S: yogurt with cinnamon and stevia,

        few handfuls of almonds