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    Hi there...

    I have been eating--for the most part---a paleo-primal---specific diet with great success! I have lots of energy in the gym and in daily life but I have recently gotten back on the bike and have found myself "bonking". I am riding with a fairly elite group...for example, we recently did a 125 mile ride at a 19mph pace. I can't sustain myself without the carbs/sugar found in Clif Bars, etc. but am not happy that I have to resort to the high carbs and sugar in these products.
    Does anyone have similar issues and what was your fix?

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    When I was training for Ironman (lots of long rides) I would eat Primal in general, but then used the Infinite product on the bike. Something about the liquid nutrition kept me hydrated and fueled during the ride, but didn't trigger any of the issues I experience with grains (joint pain, digestive issues, sugar monster, etc...) I know Infinite isn't really Primal/Paleo, but it worked for me. Plus you can customize it for your own needs.


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      You might want to read up on Peter Attia who has done endurance sports, including cycling, in ketosis.

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