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Running and water intake

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  • Running and water intake

    Hi all.

    Does anybody else have this "issue"?

    I don't drink while I run.. at all. And I don't feel thirsty either. I went on a 17 mile run last Sunday and didn't drink a drop till I got home. And it wasn't like I was running slow either, 8 minutes miles.

    It's the same on shorter runs too. I generally keep myself hydrated the rest of the time, I always have a glass of water on the go and drink little and often.

    I say "issue" as its not really a problem. It started as I hate carry anything or having anything rubbing or dangling while I run, I don't listen to music as the wire for the headphones drives me crazy.

    Your thoughts?

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    I hate carrying water too. I've tried all the alterternatives - belt, camelbak, handheld, disposable bottle. All of them annoy me. But for anything over 10 miles or when it's really hot outside, I force myself to wear my belt and drink my hydration mix of water, sea salt, mineral salt, and lemon juice. If not, I get really bad dehydration headaches.

    That said, if you are hydrating properly before and afterwards, and have no issues, then cool. Your body can certainly be fine for 2+ hours with no additional water.


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      Hi Drock.

      Thats what I was thinking. I don't suffer from dehydration headaches, I don't feel dizzy or sick and as I said, it doesn't seem to effect my speed. So if my body isn't reacting in a negative way then carry on I suppose.

      Oh and it never gets hot here in the UK



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        I do the same thing even in really hot condtions and I generally never have a problem. Post workout hydration is important. When I was younger I ended up with some kidney stones and I believe chronic dehydration contributed to that. Since then, I push fluids alot more post run. Additionally, I have found that when racing l/2 mararthon or up, I can manage better times if I hit every other water stop or so.
        The only other thing I want to say about running is "Hurry up Spring" so I can get back outside.


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          Water is generally the limiting factor to my runs. As long as you don't feel any negative effects from it, then don't change. More people have died from over hydrating during races and events than from not drinking at all..
          I personally get to a point on long runs about 3 hours in where thirst and hunger dissappear, and my legs have a renewed kind of energy.
          I think I read in The art and science etc.. that (and I'm assuming you must be) fat adapted/keto runners typically require less fluids for some reason I cannot remember. Do you take any calories with you? Thinking that if you're eating, whatever you do eat has sufficient water? Dunno..


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            No I don't take anything with me. Sometimes I go in a fasted state too. A few weeks back I went out for a half marathon at about 9am without having any food since 8pm the night before, I had a pint of water before hand and I was off. The next thing I consumed was another pint of water when I got back, but I wasn't gasping for it, just sipped it down slowly.

            Going for a 20 miler next weekend so I'll see how that goes, then although I didn't get into the London marathon (again) I'm doing my own marathon that day, so we'll see.