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What workout routine does Mark recommend?

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  • What workout routine does Mark recommend?

    I am doing P90x right now and Mark is actually on the video promoting his shake. Just thought I would ask.

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    Hi there!

    Go back to Marks blog. hit the (about) tab then go to (primal blueprint 101) skip down to the middle and you will find (awesome workouts for everyone). They are awesome! Check them out.

    For the most part Mark says it is up to you, as long as you move your body, sprint, lift heavy things, and PLAY!


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      "move your body, sprint, lift heavy things, and PLAY"

      ^^This. He doesn't really promote one over another, just routines that emphasize compound movements and heavy lifting with some sprinting (in various forms).
      Check out my blog!

      I like to throw, squat and pull heavy things for fun.

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        Yep... heavy lifting, sprinting, walking and athletics.


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          Mark wrote about it here:
          Check Out My Blog: The Exercise Rebel
          Check Out My Primal Success Story on Mark's Daily Apple


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            I just recommended something in this thread:

            here's also a post about pdx90 that I happen to agree with, but of course you can make up your own mind:
            One time