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    Hi there,

    I am a semi-professional basketball player, practising 2 hours every day, usually 6 times a week, and 3 times a week go to the gym for one hour training. I ve started the primal diet a week ago and the last 2 days I don't have any energy to practise. At the moment I am 66kg and consuming around 2200 calories daily , of which 400-500 from carbs, 800-1000 protein, and 800-1000 fat.
    I would like to have more energy in the morning and evening and also put some weight from building my muscles. What should I do?


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    Here is a thread about Steve Nash's diet which may be useful:

    Here as excerpt from Nash’s Facebook page on what he will eat on a typical day:
    Breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.... along with lunch and dinner. I feel if your diet is consistent and well balanced (think long term rather than short term) it isn't so important what you eat right before you play or the night before because your energy levels and recovery will be on target from the quality of your previous three to seven days of meals.

    -Gluten and wheat free cereal, sliced almonds and almond or rice milk. (If you don't have the sensitivities I have look for a high fiber cereal. At least 4 grams of fiber.) I will also have a whole fruit smoothie or an apple, banana or orange. Green tea.

    Lunch. A salad with grilled chicken or fish, vegetables, raw nuts and dried fruit. I will also have fruit afterwards.

    Dinner. Grilled or baked fish or chicken with vegetables. Sometimes I'll have brown rice.

    Again, plan ahead. If you get hungry between meals have a plan as to what foods you'll turn to and make sure you have plenty of them so your only options aren't will power or ice cream. My snack foods are, dried fruit, whole almonds or whole cashews. All natural, raw foods energy bars. Raw vegetables like carrots and celery. Whole fruit or whole fruit smoothies. It goes without saying drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. If you feel like you need electrolytes coconut water has the highest concentration of electrolytes but if your diet is good you should have plenty of electrolytes.

    If this diet sounds boring it can be if you don't like fruits, vegetables and grilled, steamed or baked chicken or fish. On the other hand there's so many healthful ways to prepare your food and there's tons of fruits and vegetables that offer you slightly different nutritional values and tastes. It may take a lot of discipline and time to train yourself to eat well but it's incredibly worthwhile for your short term and long term goals.
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      Target nutrition intake

      Thanks for the reply Beef Cake.

      I was wondering if somebody could tell me what would be a good ratio for my daily intake of protein, carbs and fat, in a way I could keep practising about 15 hours a week intensively without feeling listless.




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        Hey Sub7,

        I can't give exact answers, but as someone who is also new to cutting carbs, I went through five or six days of listlessness. It could have been the proverbial carb flu, but it is gone, and I have as much or more energy than I had before changing diets. Be patient, and by all means pay attention to what Nash is doing.


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          You may just be eating too little. 2200 calories a day seems a bit low for an athlete, considering the amount of physical activity. Try increasing your calories.
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            I agree with Fury. I only play 2-3 times per week (nice to see another baller on here). Its just rec ball, but we play 1-2 hours usually, little rest between games. I hit the gym on off days for about an hour (never more, and I just lift heavy things) and usually take 1 or 2 days off each week. I literally cannot eat enough, especially after going primal. If it's meat or a veggie, I eat it. I don't count cals/carbs/protein, I just eat lots of meat, fat and lean, and lots of veggies, and probably a bit more fruit than Mark recommends (banana/blueberry shake pretty much every day plus apples/oranges/kiwis on the side), but I've never cared for sugar or grains much, so I don't stray in that aspect. Point is...if you're playing that much ball, just cut all grains and sugars other than whole fruit and start eating!


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              Athletes shouldn't worry too much about carb intake as long as the only sources are fruit and veg. Just make sure you have plenty fatty meat at each meal and I don't think it would be a problem. I notice if I have too little calories I feel light headed at 90 minute football practice.

              I can do a weight session happily possibly even better after a 15-17 hour fast.


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                You might also want to use more of a sweet potato/yam/other tuber gig for post workout. Fruits are half fructose half glucose, fructose fills up liver glycogen while glucose fills up muscle glycogen. If you are mostly depleting muscle glycogen and not so much liver glycogen you are going to want more glucose than fructose, tubers provide mostly glucose from starch. Play with it and see how it works out, let us know.