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  • Squat While Training?

    I am going to run a half-marathon in May (this will be my eighth or something like that). For the past year or so I've been focusing on lifting and less on running and cardio, following SL 5x5. Anyone familiar with that protocol knows that you squat each workout. I'm up to 285 now!

    At any rate I need to incorporate running back into my routine in order to prepare for the race in May. Has anyone continued to squat while training for a race? That seems to be an awful lot of stress on the legs...I will, however, continue all the upper-body lifting (overhead press, bench, rows, pulls). Should I just not squat until after the race is over?

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    I squat twice a week and I run about 2 half marathons a month. Squats are why I eat mountains for breakfast

    Just kidding. I'm not that bad a** but I could not hill climb and trail run like I do without them.


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      You could keep squatting and listen to your body..but start lowing the volume of squats closer to your start squatting one a week if you feel its too much for you..then drop to a percentage like 80% so your still working on the movement! it will help your mobility.

      When I was doing athletics i added a dynamic day one a a lower percentage. Worked well for me!


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        There are a lot of options. The main this is that you are getting enough recovery time, and most of that depends on how intense your running program is. If you are prioritizing your running, you'll probably have to cut back on the lifting.
        You could:
        1. Reduce lifting days to twice a week, or even 3x per two weeks.
        2. Reduce volume- do a 3x5, or 3x3 program. At 285 you might even be ready for an intermediate program like 5/3/1, but I don't know how much of a reduction that would be.
        3. Reduce the weights.


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          Thanks for the input. I looked into various options and have landed on 5/3/1. At any rate I was getting tired of squatting every workout anyway!


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