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  • bulking ideas for my son

    my son is14yo. his football coach told him he wants him to gain 40lbs by next season. he is not the best meat eater, never really has been. although am hoping that changes now that the coach told him this. I buy him protein bars and he drinks protein shakes. what is the best strategy I should try and guide him in for gaining? he lifts at the school with his coaches 3-4 mornings a week. he's just starting football playoffs then basketball will start.

    thanks for any ideas you might have.

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    40 pounds in a year is possible, especially if he's relatively small and untrained...

    But it's A LOT of eating. Like, constantly. Assuming his coaches aren't idiots and are good at programming workouts...I mean, he's gonna have to eat and drink calories like it's his job, period.

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      My son likes meat but doesn't eat large quantities, with the exception of homemade jerky. He loves it. He started lifting about 2 months ago and from what I understand needs to eat more protein in order to build muscles. Jerky is perfect for him because he can take it with him. The only thing is he started sharing it with his friends and now they all want it!
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        he's 5'8 or 10, 145 of 5%, maybe....exceedingly defined everywhere. he trains quite heavy actually. lifts 3-4 mornings a week plus daily practice of whatever the sport de'jiour is, football right now, soon to be basketball.

        when i make his protein shakes i use whole milk.

        UF, my son is the jerky, but that is hard to keep up with, not to mention $$!


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          Lots of protein. Sweet potatoes/potatoes/rice with most meals. Whole milk at every meal. Shakes and bars are supplements. Use them as snacks, not meals. He probably won't gain 40lbs in a year. Then again, he definitely isn't 5% bodyfat either.


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            dazygyrl, it sure is expensive and a hassle! But the kid will just not eat large portions of meat. I'm pretty sure I eat more meat than he does and I'm 53 5'2" and weigh 115 and i don't lift! He's 5'11" and last time he stepped on a scale he weighed 150. I tried to tell him that if he wants to make progress with his lifts he needs to eat more protein.
            Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


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              Using canned coconut milk is really good in the shakes for bulking up. The whole 30 guy-Dallas Hartwig had a plan a few years ago that was really good for bulking. You might search for it.


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                Assuming he has no underlying health problems that are keeping him skinny such as Celiac etc I would say eat a lot of carbs, then fats and then protein, loads of milk will help and more carbs and cut out almost all metcons. He should be lifting heavy, stretching and walking only and make sure he gets enough sleep.

                Also he is 14, his time may not have come yet. Food and lifting will only take him so far till his body decides it is time, for me that was 12, for a buddy of mine it was 19, time will tell.
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                  Did anyone say homemade chocolate milk?

                  Youcan make a thick choc syrup with sugar (2 parts) , water and cocoa (1 part each)and then add this to whole milk to serve along with and in between meals.

                  I can personally attest to its weight gaining capabilities, ahem....


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                    Originally posted by Warmbear View Post
                    Also he is 14, his time may not have come yet. Food and lifting will only take him so far till his body decides it is time, for me that was 12, for a buddy of mine it was 19, time will tell.
                    I agree. I'm 5'11" and weighed about 145 until I was 23 or so (heck, when I was 14 I'm pretty sure I was closer to 135). Then I started seriously weight training and eating with the intention to gain weight. It took me 2-3 years to get up to 165-170 (20-25lb gain). I think if I had forced more food during this time, I would have just gained more fat instead of staying relatively lean.

                    That being said, carbs were what helped me the most, but I had been eating quite a low carb diet in the years before, so adding in lots of carbs from potatoes, fruit, and sometimes rice helped me alot. I still took in LOTS of meat, but less fat.

                    Also, homemade beef jerky is much more cost effective, and tastier in my opinion, than store-bought. I can get a whole eye of round roast from Sam's club for $2.87/lb I think. Yeah, it's not grassfed, but it's a really lean cut so that doesn't bother me too much. Nesco dehydrators are cheap and work well, but lately I have been using a homemade jerky box; much easier cleanup:
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                      thanks for the ideas!

                      he's definitely not skinny...i call him the walking muscle. his 15 1/2 yo brother is skinny 5'11" and 115.
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                        Coach is a jerk. Let a 14 year old develop naturally. Next thing you know this coach or the next is going to be hooking child up with roids or peer pressuring will come into play.

                        Sports have been corrupted.


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                          He's got the perfect hormonal profile for growth. I just gotta quote Mr. Rippetoe here:

                          "Milk makes baby mammals grow"

                          Get him to drink a gallon of whole milk a day. GOMAD is the perfect Rx for this case.
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                            GOMAD and multiple trips to the local Buffet restaurant.


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                              I had problems with wieght. First thing I was trying to do was to add extra fat and protein, but it didn't work so good. I wasn't hungry and couldn't eat enough. The best thing for me was some extra activities (gym, cycling etc.) and a lot of FRUIT. I gained like nothing in my waist, but I have much more muscles - around 6-7 kgs. But the most important thing is not to bulk too much and too fast. I think he might be too young to manipulate with his weight in not natural way, he is eating primal whole foods, so his organism should know how much energy it needs.

                              Good luck!
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