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Nutrition tuning for marathon training

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  • Nutrition tuning for marathon training

    I'm training for my first marathon since going primal 6 months ago. Some how I have managed to gain 5lbs in the last month. I'm a 5'1" now 119lb woman, so I don't think it is muscle. I haven't been tracking macros, so I plan to start tracking again. My training is 1 long run every other week (I'm up to 14 miles), plus 3 runs of 3-7 miles each week, plus hiking and walking with my family. I feel really good and am easily maintaining a faster pace than I could in the past (I've run 6 marathons pre-primal.) I seem to be craving pistachios (they are salted). I suspect them as the source of my weight gain. What nutrient is my body likely after? I've tried salting my water and that doesn't seem to help. What macros are best to increase when I increase calories to accommodate my running?

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    well nuts have potassium and magnesium-which I find I have to supplement a lot as I run. I take mag citrate 500 every morning. Also, it is cliché as the epitome of race food but running with a banana is great. I am not training for a marathon right now so I don't eat while I run. I rarely get over 15 miles now. 2 years ago in ultra training I would start the run with a banana in my hand. I also like those baby food type squeeze things with sweet potatoes and fruit mixed in-really good. You can get them at REI.


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      Electrolytes are really important if you are doing any low carb running. A spoon of seasalt or even better lo-salt (50/50 potassium) in your prerun drink along with some glucose such as black strap molasses. Glucose will allow you to absorb more of the sodium as they are co-transported in the small intestine. I trained for and ran a trail marathon in June on Primal and if I were to do it again would probably alternate weeks with plenty of carbs rather than just trying to do the whole procedure without. I ended up with some low body temp thyroid issue that I fixed with some carb feeding. Homemade rice pudding made with glucose rather than sucrose is my preferred post exercise, glycogen replenisher, but sweet potatoes have more nutritional value. Do you have a training plan that we can look at?
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