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    Originally posted by Mr.Perfidy View Post
    lol I was hoping for pics also
    That would be a jailable offense in our country. Not sure about hers.
    The Champagne of Beards


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      Very disappointing thread, considering the title.


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        Hahaha you pervs. I am not even single.
        But, back to business. First, thank all of you for your advices. I'm currently working on my mobility a lot, but thanks to field hockey which I've done from 7-16 (I quit 3 months ago) my glutes, hams and shoulders are really tight. Lovely. Things are improving already, though.
        You are also right about the 'blocks' I use, this is also because of the lack of mobility I have. I feel it's hard for me not to arch my back in a lower position.
        Thanks for the tips! Going to work hard on it, I could maybe put up a clean video? I am way more comfortable in the clean, but it is nowhere near where it should be. (: