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Low carbs and hunger

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  • Low carbs and hunger

    Hi all, I've been low carbing for 3 weeks now, and have had a pretty good time in terms of using fat as my energy source for cycling - 260 miles a week and feeling good on the bike. My issue is hunger, I weigh 110 lbs and am eating around 2400 cals a day, eating 65-70% fat but I'm just so hungry. All the advice I've seen is that I'm doing everything right, trying to keep to 1g per 1lb for protein but the hunger is getting me down. Great that I can cycle 70 miles without eating, but not great that I'm so hungry every day despite eating so many cals. What's going on?

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    Hey Kath, you should post this in the nutrition forum - I think you'll get more answers

    Just my two cents: not everyone is satiated on fat. Personally when I was low carb I was hungry most of the time...

    What is your goal? At 110lbs it can't be weight loss?
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    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

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      You need more calories. Eat more food. If you otherwise are feeling good low carb is fine but 2400 calories is rediculously low for that amount of work.


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        I'm not sure I understand why someone at your size with your level of activity/fitness would be counting calories and restricting carbs. You have the luxury of eating as much clean, whole, nutrient dense food as it takes to satiate yourself.
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          Yes, eat more. It's quite possible you are underweight and your body wants to repair itself and add more mass.
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            Thanks all, good advice. I'm low carbing essentially to improve my cycling. Fat is a far better fuel than carbs. Fat doesn't run out like carbs do, it's more dependable. I'm happy with my weight, don't want to loose any but very healthy right at the bottom of a normal BMI. Worried that higher cals from fat will lead to weight gain which would really reduce my cycling performance, especially on hills. However, advice taken. I'll try eating a bit more and see how it goes.


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              Can you post what you typically eat on most days?


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                Eat a little more. Up your calories by about 5-10% and see what happens. If you don't gain weight, you're just hungry because you need more food. No need to glom on to any one macro, unless you know one that always helps with hunger pangs. For me it's protein, for some folks it's fat, for some it's carbs. You need to find your n=1.

                Here's a sample menu from Mark: Low Carb Sample Menu | Mark's Daily Apple
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