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  • Carb Dilemma

    My husband and I started eating Paleo almost a month ago. I have seen great results but he got hit by the "carb flu" and is finally feeling better along with increased energy. My question is with weight loss vs carbs for his active lifestyle. He is about 6"4 and 260lbs and is looking to lose weight and feel better. Yet he is a very active guy with cycling, running and mixed martial arts training all combined up to 5x a day. Where should the line be for weight loss yet at the same time keeping enough carbs for him to still workout and keep up his stamina? This is also a question for me as well, as I am an avid runner.

    Currently we have been eating about 5-8 oz of protein with a variety of vegetables for dinner. Sweet potatoes and squash usually make an occurrence about 2-3 week. Cooking with coconut oil, bacon fat and ghee for fat intake. I also make snack bars with a variety of nuts( no peanuts) and dried fruit.