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Boxing/Sparring with contact lenses

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  • Boxing/Sparring with contact lenses

    I just starting wearing contacts again after taking a few years off. Previously I was boxing half blind. I could see gloves, feet, general body position. I love boxing with the contacts, i can see my sparring partners eyes and react much quicker. Then I got punched in the face, i could feel the lens shift alittle. Everything seemed okay, but im wondering if there are any dangers associated with this.

    I realize i could probaly google this... but i like it here and its where i kill my time at work.

    Anybody spar with contacts?

    Anyone aware of any dangers of sparring after getting lasek surgury?

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    I train at an MMA class twice a week and am horribly nearsighted with astigmatism. We box, kickbox, grapple, etc.

    Being in the -9 and higher diopters makes lasek out of the question for me due to cornea thickness issues. I had stopped wearing contacts, as it was hard to find a comfortable disposable that corrects astigmatism in -9 and up. When I started class, I saw my Dr, and he was able to find a newer disposable lens, and discovered that my current lens prescription was over corrected. We found some comfy contacts, and I was in business.

    In terms of contact sports and lasek, I'd be careful. The procedure reshapes your cornea, and it gets thinner. There are risks for impact injuries and cornea damage.

    For contacts, I've been fine. We usually spar wearing head gear, and I have yet to get a contact knocked out. I did lose a lens while grappling when a classmates thumb pushed it out. I didn't have a spare lens or my glasses with me, and learned that its much easier driving home when you carry back up corrective lenses.


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      When I train Muaythai I make sure to take my lenses out, not just me but other team mates have had them knocked out. I deal with the blurryness and mostly when I box I look at my opponents shoulders as they will dictate the next offensive maneuver. I would advise against wearing contacts.
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        thanks, going without is probally the safer route. Worse case i guess would be an eye swelling shut with a contact in.


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          I think it really depends on you level of uncorrected vision and how comfortable you are. I can't see well enough without them, so I make sure to keep hydrated and keep my lenses from getting too dry, and they stay in focus.

          Worse case scenario, you lose a lens. If you're sparring so hard you risk your eye swelling shut, contacts may not be the worst of your problems. You may need a new gym.


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            In a similar boat, although thankfully my sight's still good enough for close contact sport without wearing contacts.

            I know contacts have gotten better over the years (especially now they're disposable) but I'm still concerned about my eye being cut by one (defective lens/from contact to the eye during sparring), let alone forgetting about them & sleeping with them in.

            Sounds like going without is definitely the best course of action, if possible. In my case it becomes "cover up and react faster, or get punched in the face!" :P


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              I kickbox with lenses. Need them for best acuracy/speed. Never had major problems although i know it can happen. Might depend on the level on contact, i.e. the full contact of boxing might be worth taking them out for. Although more incentive to protect your eyes!

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                there is a clear hole in the center for your pupil, so you don;t see the color unless it slides over your pupil
                i wear colored contacts in four shades, and yeah, when my pupil gets smaller, you can see a slight ring of the original color but the


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                  I've trained in MMA for seven years and have only had my contact lens come out once...and that was due to sparring/kickboxing under a fan and not blinking enough, the darned thing just popped out.

                  Oh, and I spar men and have been socked in the head plenty of times without losing a lens. No "girlie" sparring here ! =)
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                    I've had a contact knocked out once during a basketball game and once during mma wrestling bout. Think both times required an elbow getting smeared in my eye If theyre disposable then I don't see what the issue is. I think its highly unlikely that a lens would slip behind your eye, but I base this on nothing.


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                      Contacts lenses are fitted for diameter and curvature of the eye in addition to corrective prescription. Ensure the lens is optimally fitted and it should not slip out even when being hit in the head.

                      I wear contact lenses at -5.50 with astigmatism and have never had a lens come out during sparring.
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                        Always wear them when fighting / coach, even a full-contact. (But I can not see without them). I learned tips: Take a couple of lens rewetting drops before the coach. The dry contacts will come out of his eyes more and more likely to be disturbed. I have not had a problem yet ...


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                          Not sure of your financial situation, but if you could save a couple grand for Lasik, it would be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. No exaggeration. I'm in the Air Force, so I got it done free, and I used to always say that if it wasn't done free, then I would never pay for it. Would just stick with glasses and contacts. But I take all that back now. Knowing what I know now, I would pay for it. I'd come up with a savings plan and get it done.


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                            I am very near sighted and don't wear contacts, but I have learned to compensate for my lack of full vision. If I get caught in a situation on the street, it is very likely that I would lose my glasses, so I am now comfortable with out them. Team Fat Old and Blind, though the fat coming off. Cheers!


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                              I've trained in MMA for seven years and have only had my contact lens come out once...and that was due to sparring/kickboxing under a fan and not blinking enough, the darned thing just popped out.