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Why am I not hungry enough and how do I stop losing weight?

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  • Why am I not hungry enough and how do I stop losing weight?

    Hey everyone!

    I'm a college athlete going into my final year. I went primal a little over a month ago, because I want to be as fit and healthy as possible during my last season of college rugby. Around the same time, I ramped up my workouts from once a day to 2 a days (weights in the morning, sprints/intervals/stadiums/endurance in the evening) with yoga on my recovery days. After an adjustment period of a week or two it started to go really well. My weight loss started to level off and I had tons of energy and kept improving fitness-wise. I did have regular meal times that fit in with my workouts, and had to keep reminding myself to eat enough, but it was getting easier. I lost about 10 lbs total in the first month, which was pretty much all I wanted to lose.

    Then, about 10 days ago, I rolled my ankle and sprained it badly while running on a trail. It's healing remarkably fast, way faster than last time (thanks to primal??), but it still put an end to my 2-a-days. I have been working out as much as I can without pushing it, but it's nowhere near as much as before. Now, I really miss working out, I can't concentrate very well, and I have started to lose too much weight too fast (4 lbs in 10 days). I am now at a point where I really don't want to lose any more weight (155 lbs (70 kg), 5'8" (1.73 m), female). I'm not trying to be thin, I'm trying to optimize athletic performance. Now that I don't work out as much I'm just eating when I feel hungry instead of pre- and post-workout, but apparently it's not enough.

    So my question is, why am I not hungry when apparently I'm not eating enough? And how do I stop losing weight? I'm in college so I'm pretty busy, and on a tight budget. Do any of you have tips on cheap, quick things I can eat? I went through the same thing during my transition to primal, and I read a lot on this and other forums and I adjusted until it worked for me. I tracked my food on fitday for a while, until I was happy with my diet, but I really hate having to use food trackers and I'm hesitant to go back to that. I already make my protein shakes with coconut milk and/or avocado instead of just milk, and I'm eating meat or fish at least once a day which is pretty much all my budget allows for. I also eat about 30 eggs in a week by myself, and I'm mostly cooking with tallow or lard. I eat a good amount of fruit, usually 3-4 pieces a day, and lots of vegetables obviously. Is there more I can do? Should I eat more carbs even if I'm not doing much endurance training? Should I have set meal times even if they're not dictated by workouts anymore? Or should I just not worry about weight at all? Unfortunately I don't have body fat measurements available, but I'm worried I'm losing some of the muscle I have worked so hard for all summer...

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    If you tolerate dairy you could add some whole milk or old cheese, good for protein, fat and adding calories. Nuts are also calory dense, and different nuts have different essential micronutrients. You don't eat to eat loads of these to get plenty of calories so great if you are not very hungry.
    Cheaper, but empty calories, is adding some white rice or (bit better) potatoes. Should be ok to prevent further weight loss.


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      Thanks for your reply, paleodutch! I already consume a lot of whole milk and nuts. I did eat sweet potatoes several times a week when I worked out twice a day. I added them in because I needed more carbs to be able to sustain my activity. That's also why I kind of stopped eating them when I stopped working out so much... I guess upping the carbs again would help with the weight loss. Although I'm really happy with my energy levels when I'm eating very few carbs. I'll give it a shot anyway. Hopefully I can go back to my workouts soon so that I can tell if I'm still getting stronger and faster.