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  • Triathlon training

    Well, I was, ahem... "training" someone to do a triathlon, 42 years old, relatively thin and not very fit. Being triathlon an endurance sport I was wondering what kind of exercises could someone do, as sprints and lot-intensity-training is probably not ideal.


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    If they are serious about doing a Triathlon, follow any triathlon training program. There are lots of books out there. No need to reinvent the wheel. That being said, unless a triathlon has been a lifelong goal for them, there are better ways to get into shape.


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      Yes, but how many books are there about triathloning primally?


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        Considering a tri is swim, bike, run. I can only assume you are asking about diet. If I wanted to do a triathlon, I would just pick a book on training for a tri, and ignore the nutrition section. I would continue to follow primal, and or follow The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Ultimately he will have to do lots of swimming, biking, and running, whether its primal or not.
        I have never done a triathlon, but did train for the Tough Mudder. I ran with lots of pushups and pullups. Most of those I talked with at the race did Crossfit, P90X, and Insanity.