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Not counting calories in bodybuilding

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  • Not counting calories in bodybuilding

    Do you guys have ever tried to go in bodybuilding without counting calories and/or macros while doing Paleo/Primal? Which techniques did you used?

    I'm going pretty well using Paleo/Primal in bodybuilding but I want to be free of this counting and measuring thing...

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    Are you talking about bodybuilding as a recreational thing, or do you want to enter contests? If you're serious about bodybuilding, you'll need to count calories, at the very least when you're cutting pre-contest.


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      I'm not planning to compete but I'd like to achieve the best of my body composition. Don't you think we could go primal while cutting and keep the caloric intake below the basal metabolic rate without counting? That's 99% of the cutting, isn't it?


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        I have no doubt that you can get excellent results without counting calories. There are plenty of guys and girls with great physiques that don't count calories.

        The most successful bodybuilders, however, tend to be extremely anal retentive, weighing, measuring and counting everything.
        It's all about how much mental effort you're willing to put into this. You can get great results without counting calories, but if you want to achieve the maximum of your bodybuilding potential, you'll need to count calories.

        In the end, you have to realize that bodybuilding, when done right, is extremely hard, both physically and mentally. Unless you're genuinely passionate about it, it's just not worth it.


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          i counted for a while. I had to eat 3000calsa day to maintain. It was so hard for me to eat all those cals because I didn't have a big appetite. Because of that, I just eat when I am hungry and because I know my appetite, I just KNOW i wont be over my 3000, usually around 2500-3000 I'd say.


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            I always follow my diet plan because I want to keep my body fit and want to make my abs shape more visible. I always try to consume enough calories that I can take in a day.