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Overdoing it, Thai Style?

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  • Overdoing it, Thai Style?

    So here I am, totally grain free for a year. Things have changed and being primal was the best choice I ever made. But I didn't become primal before I started Muay Thai! I have been doing Muay Thai for over 2 years now, and for the past 18 months I have been doing Muay Thai almost every single day (including Christmas!). I have fought and won twice, and I am planning to continue with the frequent and hard training. I love Muay Thai and want to teach and learn with it for the rest of my life. But here's here catch... although I have come a long way since I was a teenager (60 pounds heavier) I am not as svelte as I feel I ought to be. I am a pretty avergae 5 foot 6, 135 pound young woman. I have ridiculous high intensity cardio, I am pretty strong, and I am also incredibly tenacious. I do a solid hour of Muay Thai almost evey day, whether it be a class or just hitting the bag. I get my sprints in during these workouts, and I even mix-in crossfit. I do Crossfit once a week just to see if I am improving my performance (which I am) and to prove that Muay Thai can also create amazing athletes. I move very slowly, sometimes all day at my job, and I walk and bike everywhere. I am wondering if my Muay Thai lifestyle is the thing that is keeping me from losing these last, awful 10-15 pounds. I have all this sleek muscle tone, but it's still hidden by a layer of fat that I am not certain should really be there. If any one has any thoughts about this, or has a similar story, I am excited to discuss it. Maybe I really am sabotaging myself.

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    You haven't said a word about your diet.