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  • Help with routine, Primal + boxing

    I was thinking about taking up boxing the next month but I've had a difficult time deciding about when to train.

    Box classes would be Monday, wednesday and friday night, so I think i would do strengh training ( Monday and wednesday) in the morning -midday-, and then sprinting on friday.

    But I also like to be energized by training, so I was thinking about some tabata on tuesday and thursday ( just to get an adrenaline rush during the day) and walking 3 hours at the weekend, but I am worried about overdoing it.

    What do you think?

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    That absolutely sounds like overdoing it to me. If you're a young male with a good diet and great sleep habits, you can probably get away with 3 sessions of boxing and 2 of lifting. You probably won't need the extra sprinting or HIIT work and it would probably only slow/stop your progress by compromising your ability to recover from your workouts.

    If you're not a young male, don't eat well, or don't get tons of sleep, even that might be pushing it.

    If you want to do some extra work Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, go for some long walks.
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      So should I eliminate the sprint session? will boxing provide the same benefits?


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        I don't know what your boxing workouts look like.
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          1 hour of cardio ( aerobics like) and half hour of bag/ring work


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            I found juggling muay thai training and weight training really hard. Always tired and sore. And it would periodically accumulate to the point of burnout.

            To do boxing as well as weight train, I think you need to be flexible with your training. If you feel like you need extra rest days, take them. I think thats the key to longevitiy with your pursuit of doing both.

            If it means some week you only box 2x and other weeks you only weight train 2x, its okay. A lot of boxing workouts involve pushups, basic calesthenics, ab work and lots of punching (obviously) which burns out your shoulders and all of that will be of some hinderance to your weight training sessions if you tend to put in 100% effort.

            Eventually for me, I could no longer juggle both and I gave up on Muay Thai to focus on lifting more. That and I don't want to get punched in the head anymore, its bad for the brain.
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              Sprint maybe once every 2 weeks. Weight train once a week. For weight training, get your body warmed up and then do only 1 set for each muscle group. Make that 1 set the most intense and exausting it can be. After that 1 set, it should be pointless to do another because you completely fatigued your muscles from just that one set. Keep the entire workout to less than 30 min. Weight train on Friday before boxing or on Saturday morning and then give your whole body Saturday, Sunday and Monday until Boxing class starts to recover.

              If you could make 2 of your 3 boxing classes 2 days in a row so you could have a longer period off then that would be better. Example:
              Boxing Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Hit weights Friday morning and recover Friday, Saturday, Sunday,part of Monday.

              All this working out is going to be breaking your body (lean muscle tissues and organs) down. You need a couple days rest each week to let your body take the stimulus from the exercise and build your lean tissue back up and make them stronger. If you are always working out day in a day out, your body never really gets a chance to rebuild a grow.

              (think of trying to get a darker tan by sunburning yourself and then still going out in the sun everyevery hour even though you are burnt. Not good. You need to let your body recover from the burn before you go back out and then find the right amount of sun exposure each day to produce a tan adaptation without burning yourself. Give yourself the required sun exposure dose and then go back inside until your body adapts to that latest dose before you go back out for another.)


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                Go to or, the guy who runs those websites name is Ross Enamait, he trains professional boxers for a living as well as being a strength and conditioning expert. You can ask him questions regarding the best approach for you on his forums. He is a stand up guy and will give you good solid advice.



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                  Sounds like too much to me as well. my boxing workouts are twice a week (usually Tuesday and Thursday), and I lift twice a week (usually Monday and Wednesday). I take Fridays off from working out, and I usually do things like mountain biking and hiking on Saturdays and Sundays. I do a 2.5 mile walk almost daily with my dogs.