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  • Whey

    Hello, I live in Brazil and buy whey hydrolyzate glambia but wanted a flavored whey isolate, hydrolyzed gluten free in my post workout have 30 ~ 60g of hydrolyzed whey + 15g maltodextrin and 15gdextrose, (only thing not on paleo diet) was reading about palatinose to replace or waxy maize or vitargo, I refuel muscles and not the liver (fructose)...thoughts?

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    Interesting topic, I know that palantinose, waxy maize, and vitargo are all simple forms of carbohydrates.
    -Palantinose (also known as isomatulose) is a fermented form of sucrose and is a disaccharide.
    -Waxy maize is made from corn and contains only amylopectin rather than both amylopectin and amylose starch.
    -Vitargo is a chemically derived carbohydrate compound made from barley (or they can also use potato and many other starches)

    All of them will spike your blood sugar and call for insulin to lower you blood sugar by storing the excess glucose, so it really just depends which subsatance that you want to do that.