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Primal Pain Relief?

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  • Primal Pain Relief?

    Any suggestions for primal remedies for pain? My knuckles have started to feel the results of boxing.

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    Willow bark is used for pain and inflammation, though I'm not sure how it tastes.

    Topically, clove oil has a numbing effect. Usually it's used for tooth pain but can be used on skin also.


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      It could be completely placebo or there could be something to it, I don't know but I always had great results with Dit Da Jow when I was fight training.

      It's an herbal, topical medicine that helped with bruises, joint pain and swelling.


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        Isn't medicine, for the most part, not primal anyway?

        “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
        "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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          You could try Eucalyptus oil - works for headaches.


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            Most of the hunter-gatherer tribes of today have a vast knowledge of their local fauna (heck even some chimps have figured it out for anti-parasitic treatment)...


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              Any specific reason why you want to take pain-relief back to paleolithic times?



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                @ Matt, I know you are trying to be cheeky, but I actually have an answer for you. Ibuprofen has been proven to inhibit muscle growth.

                "We discovered that both ibuprofen and acetaminophen inhibit the way muscles respond to exercise," says Todd A. Trappe, PhD, an associate professor of geriatrics and physiology at the University of Arkansas and the study&#39;s lead researcher. Usually, muscle tissue is broken down after a vigorous workout, only to rebuild itself and come back stronger. But it turns out that along with blocking pain, both ibuprofen and acetaminophen block muscle building, at least when taken after exercise. "If you take either pain reliever regularly, then over the long haul you might not get the benefits you&#39;re looking for," says Trappe.</blockquote>

                That, and OTC meds give me rebound headaches. But I wanted to sound smart.


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                  With sore muscles or aching joints I like these remedies:

                  1. Epsom salt bath or sauna

                  2. Deep tissue massage

                  3. Tiger balm!

                  (or all three depending on how sore I feel)


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                    Clint - looked up the Dit Da Jow and there is an entire host of products. Anything you would recommend for sore joints?


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                      To actually put on your knuckles try either calendula cream it is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healer or Arnica which gives relief from sore muscles and bruising.

                      And for a natural pain relief as Diana said Willowbark and also lavender or peppermint essential oil dabbed on the temples is very soothing and should make you feel better.


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                        PJAP -

                        I usually prepare my own and avoid buying the bottles of pre-made jow. Note, that if you prepare it yourself, you have to let it soak/ferment for anywhere from 30-120 days. Here&#39;s a good place to get the pack of herbs:


                        Here&#39;s some recipies if you want to blend your own.

                        Homemade Tiger Balm:

                        1. Take a small jar of Vaseline, a small jar of Vicks, cayenne red pepper (it&#39;s somewhere in the kitchen on your spice rack) and either dried red chilli peppers (most gourmet stores have them) or red chilli peppers that have already been bottled (they&#39;re probably next to the cayenne pepper).

                        2. Put the Vaseline in a pot and melt it on the stove at low heat.

                        3. Add two or three tablespoons of Vicks - depending on how smelly and mentholly you want it - until that also is melted.

                        4. Grind up the red pepper until it&#39;s a powder, mix it with the cayenne pepper and add to the melted Vaseline.

                        5. While in its liquid state, repour it back into a jar and let cool.

                        I did not mention the quantities of either the cayenne pepper or the chilli pepper because that will be up to you based on the desired strength of your compound. If you use a small jar of Vaseline and you want it hot, use two tablespoons of both peppers finely ground and stirred into the compound. When it cools it will be somewhere between a pink to red color.

                        Homemade Dit Da Jow (Chinese herbs)

                        (these are the botanical names and Chinese names) 1 oz.=30 grams

                        1 bottle of strong vodka, gin or Chinese rice wine

                        Artemesia (Liu ji nu) - 5g

                        Borneol (Bingpian) - 1g

                        Carthamus (Honghua) - 5g

                        Catechu (Ercha) - 8g

                        Cinnabar (Zhusha) - 5g

                        Cirsium (DaJi) - 1g

                        Dragon&#39;s Blood (Xuejie) - 30g

                        Mastic (Ruxiang) - 5g

                        Musk (Shexiang) - 1g

                        Myrrh (Moyao) - 5g

                        Pinellia (ShengBanXia) - 5g

                        Take all ingredients and grind into a fine powder, add the whole bottle of vodka or gin. Mix well and rub into the injured area. The beauty of this particular recipe is that you don&#39;t have to bury it for 35 days to two month before you can use it. Classically when you made Jow it had to be buried underground for an extended period of time before it was ready to be used. There was no magical/mystical reasoning behind it. Sunlight and heat oxidize the herbs and change the chemical properties so, keeping in mind it&#39;s around the year 1700, where are you going to store this stuff when you need a dark cool dry place? And what do you use to ferment and age your herbal combination to get the most out of your ingredients - alcohol. That&#39;s why a 100 year old Scotch Whiskey is supposed to be so good.

                        If you desire to have the herbs soak, pour the combination into a dark glass container and place it in a closet or cupboard where it shouldn&#39;t get too hot, and periodically shake the liniment once or twice a week. You should note that if you do this the traditional way then the herbs are loosely ground, and not into a powder. And the longer they sit in the bottle the stronger the Jow becomes. The store bought Jow never has any of the herbs at the bottom of the bottle that they come in. Also some Jow is sold in plastic bottles, and over time the plastic starts to break down into the herbal formula. And some Jow is even sold in clear bottles with no way to know how long it&#39;s been in there. A decent Jow should look like soy sauce in color and have a slight alcohol, medicinal smell. Please note this Jow recipe may not be as dark or "smelly" due to the quality of herbs, time left to soak before usage, cooking properties of some of the herbs, combinations of the specific herbs or the specific usage properties. This is a "fast" formula, it&#39;s original intent is to be made now to use now, not in a month or two.

                        Dit Da Jow (American Herbs)

                        Alcohol (Vodka, Gin, Brandy - even Rubbing Alcohol) 1 or 2 quarts


                        Calendula (Marigold)


                        Comfrey (if you can still get it - you may have to grow your own if you want to add this)

                        Common Club Moss

                        Cow slip


                        Shepherd&#39;s Purse

                        Stinging Nettle

                        St. John&#39;s Wort

                        Wintergreen oil (Many times this comes together with rubbing alcohol, either way is fine - obviously if you&#39;re going to use rubbing alcohol you won&#39;t need the vodka, gin, etc. Remember, boxers and other athletes have been using it for hundreds of years and they get abused a lot more on a daily basis than most of us.)

                        Use 1 oz. of each herb, pour the alcohol into a glass jar (or back into the alcohol bottle - all the herbs should have been ground or are small enough to funnel in). Leave it in a dark place for a week, shaking occasionally and you&#39;re ready to roll (figuratively speaking, no pun intended). True, the longer it keeps the better it will be, but you can use it in about an hour or two if necessary.


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                          Sorry about that.

                          Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting that taking drugs for pain relief can inhibit muscle growth.

                          Anyways, I used to box a lot when I was younger and here is what I have for you (which I&#39;m sure you&#39;ve already done.)

                          1) Always wear hand-wraps underneath your boxing gloves

                          2) Ice your hands after a hard session (bucket of ice water.) This helped my knees when I used to run a lot. Keeps the swelling down.

                          3) Take a day of rest.

                          4) Saying "No pain, no gain" in my head a great deal.

                          Hope the last one wasn&#39;t too cheeky.