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  • "energy-drink"

    Hi guys, I've been paleo / primal for roughly 2 years. I'm a fairly serious age group triathlete.

    Currently I'm putting in som KM on the bike.

    I've been exeriencing with energy drinks, for training I only have what I bring. (4 bottle cages)

    I use a mix of sodium, malt-dextrose and protein powder.

    I mix 3-4 table spoons with roughly 15g of protein, and a little salt or sodium tablet.

    So far it's working great.

    Any recomondation or experiences would be appreciated .

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    I stay away from Gatorade as it is high in sugar and has Bromated Vegetable Oil ("search" that term on MDA and you will find the negatives.) I've had good luck in Ironman training/racing with GU Brew or, for lighter days, Nuun tablets. This is primarily for hydration. I do pop a Gu gel for every 45 minutes of racing for carbs (I don't do this during training though unless it is a "hard"...Zone 3+.. workout)