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    That "treat" is an all natural product made of fruit and nuts. It is not like I am downing a case of snickers bars, and 3 pounds of pasta. Fueling for an endurance event is an important issue relating to performance. You may be able to properly fuel for an 5 hour event before, but I can not.
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      My rant isn't with "treats"--it's the fact that they come in individual wrappers. Energy bar wrappers, gel packets, individual packets of electrolyte mix, etc. One of the things that brought me to PB and MDA was a desire to stop producing so much garbage every time I did a long bike ride. I now carry a cloth pouch with dried fruit and almonds and I haven't generated a single wrapper in over a year.


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        i carry usually a bar of pemmican.
        this is PB and ive been at it for about 10 years so i give myself the right to feel free to comment on the fact that larabars, or any bars, however "natural" is not NATURAL nutrition for homo sapiens. you asked for an oppinion - and thats mine.
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          Originally posted by Big Dave View Post
          Where do you get the Larabar's???
          I buy mine from Amazon. If you do the subscribe and save deal you get an extra 15% off. This makes them around $18 for 16 bars - EXCELLENT DEAL. I also am an Amazon Prime member so I get FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING. Amazon is simply amazing.

          If you are wondering where to get this or that - always check amazon first. ALWAYS. Especially for something like a Larabar.

          I enjoy these things once in a while. Yes, its always better to make your own. But, I enjoy an inexpensive, healthy, raw treat once in a while that I can just grab and go that costs about $1.

          My favorite is GINGER SNAP. Well, its the only one I have tried
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