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Iron Warrior Dash SE Roll Call - April 13, 2013 in Atlanta GA

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  • Iron Warrior Dash SE Roll Call - April 13, 2013 in Atlanta GA

    Any other MDA members attending this outdoor race?

    They have a 3 mile course and a 15 mile course this year.

    Iron Warrior Dash Southeast

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    I will be doing the 3 mile. I am doing a GoRuck Challenge the next weekend and didn't want to push myself too hard the weekend before. I also found the cost of the Iron WD a little extreme. Looking forward to it but I am a bit disappointed that they moved the venue. Mountain City was a cool place for a race because the whole town came out for the event and it made for a fun weekend of camping and running. Douglasville is just not the same.


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      I agree. I did the 3 mile version last year, and Mountain City was the perfect venue.

      This year I'm doing the 15 mile course (8:30am wave), and I'm a little nervous because I tweaked my shoulder a couple weeks ago, and it still hasn't healed 100%, so my strength training has been non-existent except for some BW squats.


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        Wow, what a disaster that was. Red Frog Events really dropped the ball. How was the Iron Event? The 3 mile was flat and boring with a couple of of fun obstacles. A bad course and all the waiting in lines led to a big disappointment. The past 3 events in Mountain City were really well done and the logistics were impeccable. It will be interesting to see how they recover. People are ticked.