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Do I really have to give up the activities I love??

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    Seems to me kickboxing could be considered play


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      PrimalEagle thank you so much for your post. I have been concerned about the same thing. I tried to cut down my kickboxing/MMA workouts to 3 days a week instead of 5 and I think I felt more stressed. My kickboxing/MMA workouts are stress relievers for me and I really look forward to them. Thanks to all for making me realize that my workouts can be considered fun. As for my runs, I have cut them down quite a bit as well. I'm training form the Army 10 miler and usually do at least 2 days of longer runs (7-12 miles) a week. I haven't really done those in a while. I have been focusing on intervals on my runs. The Body for Life program has a good 20 minute interval workout I have been doing for my runs. Hopefully the kickboxing will keep my endurance up.

      Can anyone comment on cutting out long runs and still being able to do a 10miler race?

      Also, I have added drinking coconut water as my electrolyte replacement of choice. It's natural and has more potassium and electrolytes than other sports drinks.


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        I am not an expert but I can say for me, I have NO plans to cut out my long runs. Ever. If anything, they are better now as whereas before I relied on gatorade, gels, etc this way of eating makes the long runs easier. I run on water, bananas and larabars. And I do races up to 50 and the occasional 100 miles.
        There is so much good about the PB but I dont believe in the 'chronic cardio' as long as you throw some resistance/weights in there, keep doing what you love. OK maybe you used to love brownies, or Coke...and that is not good for you. I cant see how any sort of physical exercise that you love is bad for you.