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  • Sprint performance on primal

    Hello Forum,

    It's been about a week since I read the book and started changing my diet. I did not do it to lose fat but to get away from the high and low rollercoaster associated with my body running on carb digestion and for general health. I'm really feeling great re. this.
    I do two things for fitness: twice a week I do barbell free-weight training (I am not bulky at all but I like the muscle it has put on my body). Performance on this doesn't seem to suffer from the diet.
    The other thing I do is short runs (4 km = 2.5 miles) with 4 to 6 sprint intervals at 30/30 seconds on/off with my SO whenever we feel like it. This would normally get me reeaaallly winded on the last interval but I always could manage to stabilize my heart rate on the remaining run towards my home. On the diet though I have to stop running completely after the third interval as I get this black-around-the-ednges-of-my-view tunnelvision and my heart rate is through the roof - and stays there for quite some time even after I slow down to a slow walk.
    Does anyone have some experience on how to manage sprint-intensive sports or similar on this diet?
    Help would really be appreciated!


    edit: Dropping these runs is not an option.
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    About how many grams of carbohydrates do you consume daily?


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      Same thing happened to me. It's a carb balancing act. Basically you can't
      convert "new" reserves fast enough once you burn out you main tank on
      a very low carb diet. BCCA helped me out a little.


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        Simply eat more paleo/primal calories. Don't make the mistake of trying to control your calories like you did when you ate stupid stuff. With paleo - more calories = more energy. Don't need to worry about storage anymore.


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          carbs. remember that paleo/primal is not a low carb diet. if you are training hard and doing these runs as well, and not here for weight loss, then there is no reason you can't eat plenty of fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and white rice.


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            You're probably passing your anaerobic threshold, higher heart rate, less O2 to the brain, etc. Either take a little more rest or slow down on the sprints (I vote more rest).

            Do you take a lot of stimulants (pre-workout, coffee) before you run?
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              Also, you said it's been about a week since you started changing your diet. Give it some time and see how you feel. I do great with sprints and heavy weights now.