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  • Exercise Preferences Changing

    Since committing to PB, I have noticed a bunch of changes in my life. Some have been profound and remarkable. Others have been subtle but no less remarkable for it. One change, an attitude change toward exercise, has been particularly surprising to me. I've been a runner for over 25 years. I have run cross country, track, road races, and trail races from 400 m to ultramarathons. Daily running was a part of my life and became part of my identity. A year ago this week I was getting ready for a spring marathon and was all psyched up. Now, after 9 months of PB, running just doesn't hold the same attraction for me that it did for much of my youth and adult life. Since "going Primal" I find my interest is drawn toward exploring lifting heavy things, walking/hiking, and unstructured play. Occasional sprints are fun for me when I'm motivated, but my passion for distance running has left me (and when I do sprint now, it's never on a track). When I started PB I presumed that letting go of "chronic cardio" would be the toughest part for me. Funny thing is, I don't miss my running or feel unfulfilled or lost without it. In fact, now I feel more balanced and complete.

    Taken together, I guess my experience would suggest that previous to PB I had an unhealthy relationship with distance running, but perhaps now after giving CW the old heave ho I'm just mentally open to trying new things and exploring the thrill of trying something new in the exercise department. It's also occurred to me that perhaps I no longer feel a need to run because I don't have such a huge excess of carbs in my diet to burn off.

    Has anyone else experienced a change in their preferred exercise after going Primal? Am I just "drinking the Kool Aid" or is there something to my attitude change beyond just the thrill of trying new things?

    No knocks against the Primal endurance athletes out there, by the way. In my opinion, if you love what you're doing, and you're staying healthy doing it, then have at it.

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    Well, I've ALWAYS hated chronic cardio, so the PB fitness philosophy is more of a validation of my preferences. I'd rather do 10 sets of burpees than run a couple of miles!


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      I experienced something similar but not as acute. I also liked to run, but I never got too high with mileage, my runs were always under 5 miles. I do however remembering wanting to run longer distances, especially after reading Born To Run I figured "you've got to be SUPER FIT to run this long!" and of course you've got to be fit, but after learning about cortisol and chronic cardio I definitely changed my mind and haven't gone jogging in over two months. I do want to do my old route again to see how I do now that I'm about 16lbs lighter but I doubt I'll go back to running every morning like I used to. Little did I know I was pretty much nullifying my runs by having oatmeal afterwards
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        For over a decade I relied on body weight exercise, tai chi, forms for aikido, boken, and jo, and a form of isometrics. Also, used my little trampoline very often to run in place or just bounce a while. The trampoline helped because the shock wasn't so bad on my one bad knee and one worse knee. Since reading the blog and forum here I have recovered from storage my dumb bells and started working with them again. Just the motivation from reading about other member's PT.
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          Interestingly and surprisingly, I WANT to run longer distances on PB. I finally feel like i have the energy to sustain long runs. I'm spending less time in the gym and more time out on the road. Running longer feels good now and i'm listening to what my body is telling me, not letting any other stimuli influence me more than feedback from my own body & mind(i.e. repeatedly reading that chronic cardio/distance running is bad). I also enjoy sprinting and a mixed bag of weightlifting and bodyweight exercises, but i am most definitely not turned off to distance running, in fact, i'm embracing it more than ever now.


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            Originally posted by Lolly View Post
            Running longer feels good now and i'm listening to what my body is telling me, not letting any other stimuli influence me more than feedback from my own body & mind(i.e. repeatedly reading that chronic cardio/distance running is bad).
            That's a great point. Thanks. I do feel more in touch with myself now and not beholden to the "gotta run 10-K before breakfast and get 50 miles for the week" mentality. It seems that I've become more intuitive about exercise and listening more to what it is that my body feels like doing. Right now that's mostly experimenting with weights (got a cool used kettlebell today!). Perhaps I'm just re-establishing some balance to my fitness after years of being very "one-sided".

            Truth be told I'm getting the urge to perhaps hit a 5-K this weekend (spring's in the air), but nowadays if I'm going to be going out for 2+ hours now I think I'd rather be hiking the trails than running them.


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              Fitness wise i've been taking more of a total level approach vs. a bodybuilding approach. It' just seems right.

              I've added in conditioning, sprints and yoga and significantly cut down on max strength training... it was all I did before. I"m so much more well rounded.


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                I ran almost daily for 43 years. Thought if i stopped, my performance in other activities like cross country skiing would suffer. Last summer it just hurt too much to run. Started walking/hiking more, swimming, mountain biking, and did more kayak paddling. Also did sprinting and hill walks with ski poles. I lost weight and found this winter that my skiing was actually better than before when running. No endurance issues and the leg cramps I used to experience were gone. I also did not ski daily but swam (inside), sprinted, walked/snoweshoed etc. for variety. Feel much better. When I do jog slowly it feels fine, but I now prefer to walk.


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                  Im at a crossroads with this myself. Started running on regular basis last year. Read Born to Run and got into the minimalist running stuff. Did a couple of 5k' and 10 k runs and a few low mileage trail runs and really enjoyed it.
                  Read Pirimal Blueprint 3 months ago. and started doing more primal workouts. I signed up to do a half marathon in a few weeks. Initially this was to see if I could use this as a measure for training for marathon/50k in the fall. However as I increase my weekly running miles in preparation I find my long runs tedious and boring and enjoy primal workouts more. I am rethinking the whole lond distance running thing although I do enjoy expirementing with barefoot running and doing trail runs.


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                    I hate running for the purpose of running. But I'll go play 3 hours of pickup basketball and have a blast. I'll be wasted afterwords but at least I'm having fun.
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                      I've always hated chronic cardio (especially running because of my hips) so that was one tenet of PB I got on board with from day 1! What I noticed the most, however, was a change in my reasons for exercising and the accompanying levels of motivation or lack thereof. Before my motivation for working out was to work off those calories I felt guilty about because the day before wasn't "clean enough..." with the self-flagellation gone, I lost my primary reason for going to the gym! Now I'm walking a lot more and only hitting the gym 1-2 times a week (as opposed to 5-6) and that's just fine.


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                        I really wish my preferences were changes.. Although i don't mind getting up and out and about, my job requires me to be on my feet the whole time so its been hard for me to find the wanting to go out and do things on days i'm already working. Oh well, im considering to start working out in the morning before i have school and work, so hopefully i won't have time to convince myself to do anything else otherwise


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                          I've gone from light weight, high reps.. to more heavy weight lower reps to try and keep and/or add muscle mass to my frame. I still enjoy my cardio.. but have tried to implement more lower level, casual cardio..

                          My results have been very good... I'm happy with my progress...


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                            I've been a runner for 25 years and I've focused on ultras for the past 15 years, including doing some really tough 100 milers like Wasatch and Hardrock. But, I've also found my preferences changing. Maybe I've just been at it so long that it was time for something new. I tend to prefer the gym to my running shoes these days. It's been almost a year since my last run over 10 miles. And, that doesn't bother me at all.

                            Last Friday night, I went outside with my running shoes, did a nice easy warm-up, and the did 10 x 100 yard sprints. I walked back home after the sprints. From start to finish, it was less than 30 minutes. It used to be that I wouldn't even bother to go out for anything less than an hour.

                            I really love Saturday mornings right now, when I wake up and I know that my workout won't take up half of the day. Sometimes, I may choose to hike for most of the day, or go out for a long, but slow ride on my road bike. The operative word is "choose", rather than feeling compelled to put in a 30 mile run to be ready for my next race.

                            Friends are still trying to get me to do some ultras this year, but I'd rather lift or ride or hike these days.


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                              since going primal one thing i have noticed is that i have less guilt about skipping workouts or trading them out for a long walk/trail walk. i agree with the person who said they hate chronic cardio so this was already in line with their preferences. i've never been a good endurance athelete. i've always tended more toward explosive movements and power. weight lifting (prior to primal) was always my favorite part of my workout with the dreaded 25 minutes spent slugging it out on the arc trainer being what i hated. i'm excited to incorporate more play into my workouts...right now i'm trying to get together a group of my old teammates to play small sided games of soccer on the weekends.
                              i'm also interested in getting into some martial arts. i've never taken any classes in martial arts but have experience with boxing. any one have any suggestions on a good starter martial art to pursue?
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