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Primal when training for team sports

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  • Primal when training for team sports

    Hey, I'd love to follow the training advice, but to be part of the team sport I love (roller derby), I am required to train with the team at 2 hour practices 2+ times a week. The trainings are brutal, and I'm often worn out and immune exhausted after them on my low-carb regimen.
    If I lean more to the primal side of things, it seems my carbs would go up a bit, but I see that long training sessions like this are frowned upon.
    What to do? Up the carbs before and after? More fruit?
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    Try eating more carbs after and some coconut oil just before. This will refill glycogen and make ketones available for immediate energy respectively. Besides that, you'll probably be fine if you just up your calories in general, but if that doesn't do it for you, you can try more carbs on non-practice days as well.
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      First, have fun and play hard. Second, go on and Have a sweet potato.


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        Originally posted by Zophie View Post
        First, have fun and play hard. Second, go on and Have a sweet potato.
        this this this! i have a metric century tomorrow, and i'm indulging in some sweet potato tonight, and then for breakfast in the morning. also, it is awesome that you do roller derby. mad respect.

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          After enduring "Whip It" I think roller derby looks pretty cool, but seriously, possibly the worst script ever.

          I had similar problems with 90 minute football training (mostly sprints and hitting drills) and almost fainted after some intense interval training on the bike. While I think pushing yourself to that limit can be good for the body (after short intense exercise), it may not be great for endurance style training sessions (30+ mins). You'll notice in the weight room, you rarely spend a full 30 minutes lifting, there will be breaks betweens lifts and "sets", so this doesn't apply so much for spending a few hours pumping the beach muscles.

          I made sure I wasn't coming of a IF before longer training sessions and ate a piece of fruit or a lot of green veg a few hours before. I normally try to finish eating around 3-4 hours before a training sessions.

          Hope that helps.


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            I'm also a roller derby chick! I have about 100 g of carbs per day which is fine for practice. The first week I was light-headed and wanted to pass out...But after that, I was great! I do have sushi (with rice!) on bout days since it is super exhausting.

            I would like to switch to better carbs for bouts but I don't want to mess with my game.

            Hope to keep in touch with fellow roller derby-ers.
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              If all you're doing for exercise is the training 2x a week plus the occasional game (bout?) then I don't think you'd be over training.
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