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Poop management for first 50k? maltodextrine question

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  • Poop management for first 50k? maltodextrine question

    descriptive subject line, but real concerns ....

    I am running my first 50k in a few weeks and have become border-line obsessed with poop management during, or ideally before, the race.

    On training runs and a single half marathon (longest race before this), I've had plenty of time to get up and 'empty' myself before starting. I may not have this luxury as the race starts at 7:30, required a 30 minute drive, a forty minute shuttle and check-in all before 7:15.

    I have no problem crapping in the woods during the race, but wonder if there is a way to avoid this, specifically the time involved. I see three options:
    • -try not to worry about it and just slip off the trail and take the time when I need to.
    • -find something that acts as a reliable natural laxitive to empty out the night before
    • -after my last 'normal' crap (probably mid-morning Friday), modify diet, take some imodium and postpone until after the race.

    The first is least desirable due to the unpredictable timing and the minutes it'll add to my race time.

    The second seems unreliable and if its close to effective, but not, could be a problem.

    The third is most interesting to me. I am pretty much fat-adapted and normally consume 50-90g of carbs daily - this was up to 100-150 before and after long runs but lately I've been doing long runs consuming 2,000 +/- calories of maltodextrine (250-300g of complex carbs) immediately before and during runs of 3+ hours. Its not primal, but it works well and I don't expect any big or lasting negative impact

    Any thoughts on how performance might be effected If I stopped fat and most solid food 24 hours before and fueled only on maltodextrine and perhaps protein for a the day before the race. Maybe even some Imodium the morning of to help stop thngs up.

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    Hey, I can't tell you whether consuming only maltodextrin the day before will impact your performance, but taking Imodium the morning of the race is a common trick employed by runners. I've never done anything close to a 50k (wow!), but I do take Imodium the morning of shorter races (10 miles usually). Running sometimes makes me have to go and going before hand definitely decreases the chances of having to go during, but you can never be certain. And it would be a pain in the ass even if there are portapotties.

    My advice: just take the Imodium. It should be enough. I don't know if you need to also avoid solid food the day before, but, then again, I've never run a 50k. Maybe that distance creates an even greater laxative effect??

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      I don't have much advice, other than to not do the laxative! Laxatives dehydrate you and that will definitely not be the way to go through a 50k!
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        I've been taking psyllium fiber daily for over 10 years now; I take 1 to 2 teaspoon mixed in with my coffee every morning, and every morning without fail I poop within 15 minutes of waking up (and usually never poo rest of day, only 1 time a day).

        This one is a finely ground powder: Source Naturals, Psyllium Husk Powder, 12 oz (340 g) -

        This one is whole husks: Now Foods, Whole Psyllium Husks, 16 oz (454 g) -

        no functional difference between them, just the texture is different. You can also get psyllium in the store as metamucil, but it's usually combined with sugar or fake sugar, so I try to seek out just plain psyllium.

        I've taken other fibers like dextrin and inulin, but I didn't like them very much. Inulin made me fart, a lot, and I believe the dextrin made me bloated. I haven't had any such issues with the psyllium, and it makes the poop fly out really easy (also good for constipation and hemorroids), so I never take any more than a minute to poop, if that. If you have time to read on the pot you are taking way too long imo. However, as with all fiber supplements you may need to work up to 2t a day from 1/2 t a day to start with to avoid too strong of side effects, if any.

        Finally, Senna tea can also be used as your intestine-evacuator the day before, but it is strong so don't take too much.
        To be safe you could start taking daily psyllium now and take the imodium after poo the day of the race.
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