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Recent primal convert - feel terrible when training

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    @Cavegirl - We used they're an American site, but ship to UK for very competitive rates!


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      This place is pretty good for a lot of Primal ingredients in the UK.,
      Healthy Supplies: Health Food Online.
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        Originally posted by the-duncs View Post
        Great only towards the end of the run on steep climbs my muscles were crying out. But it was a lot better than the previous week and totally manageable.

        So huge thanks for the link, those primal energy bars are ace! I ate one about 30mins before running, I reckon eating another about 10k in would have helped too. I'll experiment some more!!

        Ps. We made small balls rather than bars - easier to manage on a run I thought. So we got about 24 balls out of a batch of that recipe.
        Awesome! Glad to hear it went better. The small balls would be a lot easier. I may try that when I get home. I got my wife to bake some for me yesterday and she's sending them out to me. I can't wait.

        Take care!
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          A little update for you all...

          Today I went for a 14k trail run (moderate hills). I ate a 'grok ball' (that's what I'm calling the primal energy balls from now on) 2 hours before I ran (nothing else eaten before this morning prior to running) and then another grok ball at 8k into the run - felt great! I wasn't pushing the pace by any means, averaged 7:08 min/km, and kept my heart rate below 70% effort (I wasn't wearing an HR monitor, but I can gauge it pretty well).

          Ps. I tried to up my carbs slightly yesterday especially at dinner with double helpings of squash, but despite my efforts only managed about 95g.
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            Glad it seems to be working for you. I'm looking forward to getting my mileage back up when I can. I miss those long runs. They always seem a bit more enjoyable though when I run with my wife and let her take the lead.
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