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  • Where can I get this information?

    I am suffering from shoulder joint pain,it is very difficult to do some regular routine work also.When I consulted a doctor he said it is arthritis in shoulder.I am taking lot of medicines and maintaining good diet also.And also I would like to know more about arthritis,where can I get this joint pain info and joint health news.

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    I don't know a lot about arthritis-except it hurts. But I do know my joint issues are improved with lots of bone broth consumption. I drink tons of it. Just an idea to try.


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      Suzan - did your doctor take X-Rays or just assume the pain was due to arthritis? Osteoarthritis can only be diagnosed by film. I work with this complaint every single day and way more than half of the "that's probably arthritis" diagnoses turn out to be utter bunk. How old are you? Did you injure that shoulder at some time? Does it hurt all the time or only when moving in certain ways? Does it feel better when you take a hot shower? There are several issues that can make a shoulder hurt with no degenerative change in the shoulder joint.


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        Hi Dr....I'm just 24.
        In 2011 October I got small injury in a car accident.It is not hurting entire the day,it is unbearable early in the mornings when I used to wake up.My Dr took X-ray then he said it is arthritis.Have I've to use this remedies entire my life?I'm scary about that thought.


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          The treatment for arthritis is nothing but pain killers. And, no, you shouldn't have to do that for the rest of your life.

          I would say , as most, your pain has been blamed on arthritis because your doctor is unable to diagnose WHY you're hurting and arthritis is the most common whipping-boy. If you look it up, you'll see that osteoarthritis is non-inflammatory. Non-inflammatory means no pain. The MYTH of arthritis is that t is painful and your doctor needs a reason to give you a pain med because that's the only trick in his/her bag.

          I'm going to PM you with further details.


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            i m suffering from knee pain my age is 31 and my weight is 72 kg. so now when i try to exercise, my knee is paining, i am not even walking nicely any remedy for this knee pain.