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blocked nose and weight training

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  • blocked nose and weight training

    Hi, merry christmas

    I had a cold 10 weeks ago with light cough and sneezing. For the past few weeks I suffered from a blocked nose, usually only one hole that occasionally changed sides. I don't feel sick, my pulse is not faster than normal and the slime that comes out when I have to blow it (approximately 5 times a day) is white, not yellow or green.
    And I wondered whether I can go weight training with this, I am not sure if its a real "cold" or just an allergy or something else. And why it won´t go away despite the fact that I avoid grains? Could it be something like an ENT problem?

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    My doc once told me that if the cold symptoms were above the neck, it was fine to work out moderately. Below the neck (meaning if it's affecting your lungs), then rest.

    Have you tried a neti pot? Amazing little device to allow saline irrigation of nasal passages - very soothing and clears crap out very well.

    Hope you feel better soon.


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      I suffer from pretty much constant clear mucus and sputum but that's more due to the fact that my bedroom wall is full of black mold and there isn't jack I can do about it... so could very well be some sort of allergy or your body just trying to keep something it doesn't like out of your sinuses, could be something worse though... like the above poster I'd get a neti pot MAKE SURE YOU USE DISTILLED WATER, BOIL IT FIRST TOO JUST TO MAKE SURE THERE ISN'T ANYTHING ALIVE IN IT, LET IT COOL ADEQUATELY. You can introduce some nasty parasites into your body directly through the blood brain barrier using a neti pot with water that isn't absolutely sterile. Never use tap water for a neti pot unless you give it a good long boil.
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        Start lifting. Once you get some work in, and start breaking a sweat, I bet you'll be breathing fine. I'm not sure if it's adrenaline or what, but this works for me every time. Once you're cooled down, however, the snot will return.
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          make sure you nose breathe, and lift away. Don't mouth breathe no matter what. You'll be fine.

          By the way, it is perfectly normal to have one nostril open and the other closed unless you are exerting yourself a lot at the time. And the sides switch periodically. Normal.


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            So.... you have a stuffy nose? Suck it up and lift something heavy.