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  • Cycling Endurance Thread

    Hi. I started this thread to see what other cyclists had to say about nutrition and the primal diet while cycling long distance.

    Yesterday I ate very primal and before my 30 mile ride I ate one Bora Bora Coconut and Almond bar. I felt really good throughout the ride. I did not consume any sports drink, just water... and my muscles started to feel funny right as I was getting home, like they were going to rip out or something, that could have been the onset of cramping, I guess. The ride was VERY hilly and had lots of climbs.

    How are your energy/power levels while cycling?

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    I am in the same boat.. I go on weekly 4 hours rides training for a 180 mile ride in 2 weeks time.. I stay w/ the Primal diet during the week, throwing in some yams for breakfast and lunch. Morning of the ride I eat some more yams... during the ride I still eat minimal grains, throwing in a Clif Bar and dried fruit, bananas nuts... I have still never bonked.. which goes to show the Primal way of feeding on fat seems valid and all those Gu gels, gatorade etc are crap!!


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      yeah, I don't ever want to rely on GU or anything like that. I'll make my own cycling food along the way. I'm wondering how those coconut energy balls will do... maybe i'll test them out tomorrow.. I'm planning on doing another 30mi ride. This time I am gonna eat a little before and during to see if anything changes.


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        Speaking of which, I've eaten the coconut balls on rides as well...


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          Hi Guys
          I keen to learn as much as I can about endurance cycling, were I live there a couple of 100 km plus rides, one is in April and the other is in Steptember/October. I'v been really keen to do them for the last couple of years (but no bike) so I'm paying off a new bike, and am going to look at the April one next year. Any words of wisdom on training will be greatly appreaciated. My sister and I are training to walk a 1/2 marathon in June, last Sunday we did only a 10km walk, (we always see heaps of cycles on their Sunday morning training ride, my sister is getting sick of hearing me say that I'll be me next year) but I made almond meal chcolate banana pancakes for breafast before our walk and wasn't hungry for the rest of the day, I think I made it to Monday lunch time till I was hungry and had something to eat. I can't wait to get my hands and feet onto my new bike and see if the pancakes cut it on a long training ride.
          Thanks again for the Thread.


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            I agree with most of what's been written. On mornings before a long ride, a little carb in the form of sweet potatoes is good. I used Lara bars (fruit and nuts only) during rides in excess of 50 miles.

            Don't forget water and salt----electrolyte solutions can be a lifesaver during rides longer than 75 miles, especially if it's hot. It's easy to forget how much when you ride since you evaporate the sweat so quickly from moving through the air so quickly.

            GU makes me sick.



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              I am an endurance unicyclist! (seriously this is no joke) and soon while be training for the NYC century tour in september, and some other bike races in south jersey soon. I am not sure if we even need carbs. I plan on trying to do it all on under 20 grams of carbs a day, at least when I am training. I want my body to use just fat as its fuel when riding, and be comfortable with that. That way when race days come, I think a packet of gu or something along those lines will be like using Nos in car!

              Though from what I hear those first couple of rides on zero carbs really really suck, but I think I will be able to stick to it!


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                I ride 30+ miles on most Saturdays. Usually I eat the Kind bars - they have some puffed rice in them, but not a crazy amount. During the week I eat root vegetables and that seems t o work for me.


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                  I usually do a couple 25mi-35mi rides a week @ race training pace and have no issue with energy. Since transitioning my body to use fat, I can't recall bonking during any ride. Also, 2-3 times a year I do charity rides that are 150mi+ with usually a century ride option on day one. For the 100+mi ride, I typically have my same weekend breakfast of 5-6 over easy eggs, 6 slices of bacon, and maybe a couple coconut flour biscuits. Then lunch is from whatever sponsor is providing it that day. The last century ride, the only carbs i took in were probably a couple wedges of an orange at a rest stop, so VLC for the day with no issues. One thing i notice gets people more than not having energy is cramping, which I usually combat with a small swig of pickle juice before the ride.
                  I think using fat for fuel is a perfect setup for endurance, but it needs some tweaks for racing.


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                    I love unicycles too!! I just bought a 24" and am practicing in tandem w/ my cycling.

                    @Nikau68, I'd say throwing in cycling into your Primal plan gives you more leeway with carb intake... but other than long ride days when I eat some grains, I do my best to stay away from rice, oats, bread... which used to be in my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even going this route and doing sprint intervals during the week and commuting to work, my energy levels are just the same as in my grain days, if not better!

                    Just train and the endurance will come.. and stretch!! The downside of cycling is it's a very limited motion so certain muscles in your legs will shorten so treat them well and keep them supple..


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                      I have not had many issus with bonking since going primal. I do need to watch that I eat enough before and after the ride to recover. Doing a hard 40-60 mile ride in a fasted state would probably end in disaster for me. I plan to do a 100mile MTB race in Sept., and I am curious how I will feel.
                      Merry Spinmas!!!


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                        I am curious about this as well. I am training for Ironman, and now that the weather is getting better I will soon be out on very long rides. 100 miles+. Prior to PB I would use liquid nutrition in the form of Infinit. My custom mix did include some proteina dn fat, but it was mostly carbs. I'm wondering if I can get through 112 miles on the bike without signigicant glucose replacement and then be able to run a marathon after. Would it screw me up completely to be Primal most of the time, and then be consuming craby sports fuel on long rides and runs? I suppose we'll see what happens as my mileage increases...


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                          I'm training for a 121km mountain bike race, and am carrying torq gels and bars for the race. I read Dean Karnazes book, Ultramarathon Man, and decided I liked his plan for fuelling long distance runs, just eat junk, his diet is high in fresh veg, fruits, meat and Alaskan salmon, so not too far off primal.
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                            If you are VLCing and you are ketonic or almost, you wont cramp... because there is no pyruvic acid as a product of the glycolysis. No Pyruvate, no lactic, no cramping...

                            Going on ketonic corps is like having an unlimited power supply.

                            I did this weekend an experiment... biked 120 miles, with just water stops... every 25 miles. I had 300g of butter 45 minutes before the ride. My partners in the ride were half death when we finished. They were all on different sophisticated carb loaded bars, drinks, gels and chews.

                            On other morning rides, the first 30 miles, I just warm up... meanwhile all my partners are almost depleted, I'm at the point of "let's kick it now... harder"

                            I'm amazed myself by these results.


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                              "Just train and the endurance will come.. and stretch!! The downside of cycling is it's a very limited motion so certain muscles in your legs will shorten so treat them well and keep them supple.. "

                              Totally agree. I like to get on the ergometer or the stairmaster to counter that shortening. Also - you WILL get used to training on fewer carbs but there's no reason to eliminate starches entirely. Yams are great, a potato is fine, bananas, whatever. The cocoa coconut nut balls you'll find on this site are great for a little burst of energy.

                              Also - magnesium. Pickle juice is great too.