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Minimalist Boots - have finally arrived!

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    geewww... post up your reviews when you get them in. Not sure I like the hard counter in the heel.
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      Wanderlust- Thanks so much! I was just about to order a pair of NB boots, or maybe Rockies. Back to Bellevilles for me!


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        Review is up:
        "Go For Broke"
        Fat Kine-230/24% @ 6'2"
        Small Kine-168/9%
        Now- 200/8%
        Goal- 210/6%


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          There have always been minimalist boots- they're called moccasins!

          But, damn, I really do want a pair of these, it's about time they showed up on the market. Wanderlust, do you think they would last for hikes in temperate climates? Are they waterproof enough to at least support a couple of good socks, or are they summer-only use? Unofrtunately I am not yet crazy enough to walk around in deep snow without proper footwear, so... heh. It's either those or moccs. And I haven't been able to find any moccs.


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            Old thread but I thought I'd update ya'll with some details.

            I live in Colorado Springs and routinely run Barr trail, Lost Creek Wilderness and a variety of other rocky trails. I need a shoe that will hold up and the current minimalist shoes don't cut it. I can destroy a pair in less then 4 months. So I wanted a minimalist boot.

            1. I had read a variety of posts about the sizing being too small. I normally wear a 9.5. So I ordered 10.5. The boots were a thumb width too big, even with my heaviest wool socks on.
            2. Exchanged them for a 9.5. Now my toes touch the end of the boot, even with my lightest cotton sock. GRRRRRRR
            3. The boots do not have speed laces at the top. It's a serious pain to get in/out of the boots. Have to loosen the laces all the way down to the top of your feet.
            4. This being said though, I think they are what I am looking for.

            The boots are well made and fairly flexible. I imagine they would be very nice after breaking in during trail running. I am going to order a size 10. Hope this helps someone to make an informed decision.

            Also - I'll make someone a great deal on a pair of 9.5 sized boots, contact me if you are interested. The shipping costs make it impractical to send the boots back yet another time.


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              Steiger Moccs: Home - Steger Moosehide Mukluks and Moccasins - The warmest winter boots!

              I have a pair of their heaviest mukluks. Going on 6 years now, they are tough and the warmest pair of boots I own. I backpack in the winter with them, hunt etc. Never had any issues.


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                This is awesome. I was about to order myself a new pair of regular combat boots, as my current pair are falling apart. Happened on this thread by chance, and now getting myself a new pair of minimalist combat boots. Happy day.
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