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    Still pretty new to the forum, but have been primal for about a month now, and have been taking a break from running and cycling to adjust. Getting back into it, what is the protocol for transitioning from a sugar-burner runner/cyclist to a fat burner runner/cyclist?

    Are you glued to your heartrate monitor? do I need to slow way way down to be a fat burning endurance athlete?

    Or, as a fat burner in most of my day, will it carry over to exercise regardless of heartrate?

    Any experience any one had would be great,

    Thanks in advance,

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    it should carry over regardless of heartrate. your body will be looking for fuel to operate. not having ample carbs will cause it to pull from fat sources, such as bodyfat.


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      That's what I was hoping. Fatburning shouldn't switch on and off, right?

      But I remember reading (maybe Maffetone) that adapting to fat burning during exercise requires a low heartrate to start, and then speed will come as adaptation occurs. I have trouble staying in the range and actually running. It's more like a fast walk/run.

      I'm going to just go out and run and see what happens.

      Thanks again!


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        You should do your running and cycling slow to maintain the fat burning. Phil Maffetone, - Aerobic? Yes, Maffetone method is very slow at first and it's embarrassing. As an occasional runner, I was pretty shocked how pathetic. I still am, but at least now I am a fast enough that it looks like running most of the time and not like I'm an old man with a walker. The Barefoot Ted forum talks about Maffetone a lot.
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          When I did the transition to Paleo it took 3 weeks for my training energy levels to adjust. I backed off my training somewhat because in the beginning my legs felt dead during my workouts. But around the end of the 3rd week I suddenly felt amazing and have never looked back. You will know when you become fat adapted as your training energy will suddenly reappear. I keep my carb levels between 75 and 100 grams per day for most of the week except on weekends when I will go up to 150 gms.
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            You should do your running and cycling slow to maintain the fat burning.
            I thought this distinction (i.e. the intensity of the exercise determining whether you burned fat or carbs for energy) had long been debunked? Isn't it instead down to what you eat and hormone levels (insulin etc) in the body? I thought that was the entire basis for fat-adaptation on the primal blueprint!


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              This is exactly the question I am looking for an answer for!

              I've read PB and don't recall anything speaking to the endurance sport aspect of fat burning. Like I said above, if we are fat-adapted in daily living, is it essentially automatic that we will be fat adapted when running or cycling?

              I also read Maffetone (albeit years ago) and don't recall him speaking to fat adapted daily living, only fat adapted exercising.

              This is what I am getting at!

              Thanks again for the replies. I've been "mostly primal" for about a month, and feel great and my wife says I look pretty good too.


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                I was paleo for a year but it was not until this summer that I increased my fat-like doubled it that I was truly fat adapted. It had nothing to do with my carb intake but was my fat and protein amounts that made the difference. I had a hard summer but now I am doing much better-have another half this weekend so I will see how it goes. My costume might affect my time though!!!


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                  This is an interesting thread and something I was talking about at work today. Are there any more suggestions on fat burning as fuel? I am a recreational cyclist and would like to start running as well. I have been reading around this topic the last couple of days but seem to have met with a few contradictions.


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                    @Neely this is good What Does it Mean to Be Fat-Adapted? | Mark's Daily Apple

                    With everything in the paleosphere there is contradiction. Some days I can't think straight with it all I just have to stick to my guns, high fat, moderate carb, moderate protein, run like the wind, lift some heavy stuff and have fun doing it.


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                      Thanks relaygirl, I'll have a look at that now. I've just read the link posted above, Phil Maffetone, and that's given me a headache trying to get my head around that so I know how you feel! I also agree with your stress-free approach but I'd just like to maximise my diet and athletic output. My diet is high protein, moderate fat and carbs so I wonder if that alters anything.


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                        I'm running a 7 mile trail run tomorrow. Going on fat, we'll see how it goes.

                        Also assumes Hurricane Sandy stays away until late morning.


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                          How did you get on?


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                            Very glad to see this thread. Been wondering about this myself. Took out my new heart rate monitor for the first time yesterday and despaired of ever using running as a fat burning exercise based on the results. I've been primal for a month now and have no idea if I'm adapted or not. Feel great. Felt great running (only out for 40 minutes) yesterday but my heart rate was way over what I thought the fat burning target was supposed to be for most all the run. Also except for coffee with heavy cream in the morning I never really got hungry til dinner around 6 my local time so I didn't eat til then. I've been walking on my lunch hour (60 min, 3 times weekly) but after yesterday thought maybe I would just have to consider using running as play since I still just enjoy it. (Shrug...)
                            Breathe. Move forward.

                            I just eat what I want...


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                              Sorry for the delayed response on the trail run. I've been dealing with Hurricane Sandy issues. Still no power, but everyone is safe and property undamaged. Very Lucky.

                              Run was great. I didn't feel tired, didn't pay attention to heartrate, and went all 7 miles without eating anything. Didn't feel hungry afterward, either.