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    Good news! (about the storm, and the run). What did you eat (if anything) for breakfast before the run? What about the day/week before? Primarily fats? Also, how long were you running for?


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      Embarking on the Paleo journey (literally starting today!) and really interested in knowing how it will affect my running.

      I'll be watching this thread closely.

      Also, how does one know when one is a "fat-burner"? I just started reading PB 21 Day so not sure if it's covered in there or not.


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        The only way to know for sure exactly how much fat/sugar you burn through different heart rate zones is to get metabolic testing (resting/running while wearing neoprene mask)


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          Sorry for not posting more. I still have no power and therefore no internet except at work. Yes, 9 days without power. Generator running fridge and lights, but no cable etc.

          Anyway, in some ways it allows me to be more primal and in other ways less. Its a mixed bag.

          I ate some eggs with cheddar cheese before the race, nothing during. It took me 1:14 which I am very happy about, it was very hilly and I am not a good runner, so was pleased with it overall.

          In the time leading up I was well under 100grams of carbs per day for at least 2 weeks. Wasn't concentrating on eating a lot of fat, but obviously there was some. Lots of eggs and meat.


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            Phinney and Volek ( The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance (9780983490715): Jeff S. Volek, Stephen D. Phinney: Books) have pretty well demolished the notion of heart rate (as a proxy for % VO2 max) and the "fat burning zone." That concept only applies if you're tied to carbohydrate. The period of adaptation varies from one individual to the next, and hydration management is key. Critical to that is sodium intake - you need more because in low carb, the body no longer clings to sodium.

            Read the book if you want to be athletic and low carb - the performance gains they document are amazing.


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              Thanks for the book recommendation! Just ordered it.