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Why can't I sweat anymore?

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    Originally posted by Reindeer View Post
    Could it be a simple sodium deficiency? You will not sweat unless you have enough sodium in your system. Your other symptoms seem to match the description of too little salt, and many people stops getting enough of it once they start to follow a diet low in refined foods.
    That's a good point - Volek and Phinney say in their book The Art and Science of Low Carb Living, that you need more sodium if you are eating low carb.
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      Originally posted by bennyha View Post
      Thanks for all the replies. Yes I got my hormones checked and my T3 was low and my TSH was too high. I also had low testosterone. But even when I talked with a few "specialists" they didn't think it was related. I find it hard to believe that it was not related
      Are you feeling better bennyha? Did you feel 80 years old body wise or just mentally? I had a similar experience to a lot of your initial post when I incorporated a large soy supplement in my diet, it probably messed with my hormones so that's probably what your problem was too. I felt old, cognitive problems, couldn't sweat. I'm feeling better but not sure I'm 100% over the sides yet.


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        I have a very hard time sweating on my back and scalp. Do you ever experience intense itching when you heat up to fast? (the itching is drastically reduced by regular exercise, for me.) How's your skin look. It could be: Cholinergic Urticaria. Give it a google.