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    Hi all - just went fully primal a few weeks ago (I was eating oatmeal, beans, dairy, Ezekiel, peanut butter! before) and am feeling great. I am an NCAA wrestler and have a grueling training schedule, oftentimes two workouts a day (7AM and 3:30PM) consisting of either wrestling, conditioning, or lifting. These workouts are usually under an hour and a half but are pretty grueling. I am usually find myself very lethargic/sluggish by the time my afternoon practice rolls along. Any suggestion for pre-workout fuels? I have been trying to use more fats (i.e. hard-boiled egg, nuts) but I still feel sluggish.

    All advice welcome - thanks!

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    don't shy away from carbohydrates, because they are by far the best choice of fuel for someone with your current lifestyle. If you attempt to low carb it as a collegiate athlete you're probably going to crash and burn. Simply just substitute your previous sources of carbohydrate with primal approved starches, such as potatoes, white rice, fruit, ect. Even refined white flour and corn in moderation would be ok for someone like you, assuming you're not gluten sensitive. Make sure you're getting adequate calories.

    Again... don't fear carbohydrates. They are the best choice for the majority of your calories given your lifestyle. This might change, obviously, down the road when you're not wrestling anymore. Make sure you're fat sources are clean, eg, natural fats in meat and plants... not man made soybean oil or canola oil, ect.

    One important truth you need to realize is that the primal blue print and the "elite athlete" blue print do not align. People following the PB work out only as much as they need to be healthy, for the most part. That doesn't mean you can't take good PB principles and apply them to your life, though, but just be cognizant of that fact.
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      plenty of carbs. there are a bunch of us here who are super active and eat quite a bit of carbohydrates. plenty of potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit and even white rice. paleo/primal is not low carb. especially for someone with your activity level


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        Thanks so much - I have already started incorporating sweet potatoes and fruits more. Great advice - thanks again!


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          I agree with the above. I'm a high level athlete as well (NCAA D1 Hockey). You can't fear carbs. Be careful on these forums because many people have carb-phobia. These people aren't burning the fuel like you are. Fruit, potatoes (all types), and white rice are your friends!


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            Best snack for me pre workout/ practice or whatever is a few tbsp of almond butter and a banana squished together. So good


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              I just ordered some almond butter and love it with honey haha - sprinkle on some cinnamon and I'm good to do!


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                People are too quick to assume primal = low carb... your activity level is going to determine your carb requirements.

                Sweet potato fried in coconut oil = awesome post workout.
                Fruit out the wazoo.

                Some people even buy maltodextrine powder (essentially long strands of glucose molecules,) for a a fast carb up post workout, and then resume a higher fat diet the rest of the time.
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