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Primal Nutrition for child athletes.

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  • Primal Nutrition for child athletes.

    Just wondering if anyone has any resources to point me to for nutrition for child athletes? My daughter (7) swims competitively and practices 5 days a week. We walk 2-3 miles each day plus ride bikes, play outside, and she has another sport she does an hour or two a week. Do I just let her continue to pick and choose and trust that her body knows what it needs.

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    I have 3 kids--I would consider the oldest (12) an athlete. All of my kids do crossfit kids on and off through the year. They all play basketball, baseball, girl plays softball, swim team in summer. The oldest is a competitive travel baseball player.

    We eat primal in the house-all choices are fat and protein centered-we try. Outside of the house, I don't control-when they go to someone's house they eat whatever that family is eating. They sometimes eat school lunch. The kids know why we don't eat sugar and wheat-most of the time they make those decisions too, sometimes not.

    For my oldest son-I just always offer him eggs, meats, fruits--he will not eat veggies. I cook everything in CO. He eats a dozen eggs during the week sometimes more. I make a lot of bison hot dogs-slice them up and bring them to games in tupperware. We make jerky. He eats kind bars-he has to have something to throw in his bag. It just trickles down from us-some people are stricter. I know he loves pasta-I just don't make it here. If we eat out he will choose a pasta dish-I am fine with that because at least 80% of what he eats I know is whole foods from the house.