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Precision Target Shooting as an Endurance Event

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  • Precision Target Shooting as an Endurance Event

    Hi there! I'm a disabled shooter on Great Britain's target shooting squad, and I'm wondering if there are any fellow Primals who also shoot. I'm wary of the advice about loading up on carbs, as the shooting discipline is effectively a sitting-on-your-ass sport (or standing, lying down, or kneeling!).

    So I'm curious...any thoughts on this?

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    i'm certainly not a competitive precision shooter, but i like to fire guns at the range! this is not glycolytic work. will not require carbs, per say.


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      Agreed the 10m air-rifle standing discipline's qualifier is usually 1 hour 45 minutes, so being on the range, and appropriately fuelled-up, is really important. I experienced a sugar-crash during one of my first competitions, and paid the price...with a crappy score.


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        Interesting topic. I'm in the Army and we go to the range about twice a year. We shoot M16 A2 rifles and have a variety of targets from 25 meters to 300. Yeah, it's stationary, but it's pretty tough actually. My heart rate goes up and after a few iterations of shooting, I'm exhausted. BTW, for those who have never done this, a human sized target at 300 meters looks like a little speck... not the easies thing to hit.. requires a lot of control.


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          I love shooting. I would love to get into precision target shooting. I can see where you need your energy level up and stable.

          A sitting on your ass sport? You have been watching the wrong sport! Look up some IPSIC matches and some training classes.
          My goal right now is to take a handgun class from DARC in Arkansas. They train hard. Also look up 3 gun matches! There is so much more to the sport!
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            I shoot competitively in the Army (High Power, Combat and Sniper), as well civilian tactical rifle, and IPSC (Production[which I suck at]).

            Honestly I don't do anything special for diet. Even for some comps that are physically demanding (running w/ water cans, ruck march then shooting out 1k) I just eat what I always eat.

            For static shooting (HP, Tactical, etc.) my heart doesn't rise. I wore a heart monitor (EKG) a few times to see what happens, and my heart rate usually drops 5-10 bpm during firing. For "run and gun" matches it climbs up based on output level, then drops slightly during firing. The assumption is this is due to my breathing cycles and focus/meditation techniques.

            Best thing I can tell you to help your scores, is take a yoga class. I do my dry fire drills in my head when I'm in my yoga class =).
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              Getting your cardiovascular system in shape will slow your heartbeat, which will help your shooting at a competitive level.

              Diet-wise, stay off the sugar and processed foods, but that's for everyone.