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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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  • I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

    Yay! It has taken me months to get back. I ate primal for 2 years but only this May shifted to 60 % fat. My carb intake was always some what low but I was never truly fat adapted until I backed off on the protein.

    I have had several bad races this summer. Bonking and feeling like I have had the crap kicked out of me.

    I started making my own race nutrition gel with chia seeds, CO, and fresh squeezed OJ.

    I ran a trail half yesterday and won my AG! It was a tough trail too and I felt fantastic and had an energy surge at mile 7-before I even took my chia squeeze. I also took 1 salt tablets at 7.5 and used a nuun in my water. I should probably take the salt tab a little earlier. I finished knowing I could run 6 or 7 more on the trail fine.

    I know it is bad to crossfit and run too but I just could not give up the running. I have gotten heavier with muscle crossfitting and it affected my running a lot-still just eating primal with an emphasis on protein. Once I shifted to fat I have leaned out a little with more muscle definition-I look good but still could not run with strength and speed. I feel now I am really getting back.

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      way to go!


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        Congrats!!! I am a low carb runner. Currently training for a marathon. I believe it is very individual. I personally function/perform much better on LC. I also understand that different people thrive on a different ratio of macros. Which race was it?


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          @clint2 I ran a local trail half, small race. I was fairly low carb, under 100, before-I just ate more protein than fat. Now I am eating so much more fat and way less protein.


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            Originally posted by relaygirl View Post
            @clint2 I ran a local trail half, small race. I was fairly low carb, under 100, before-I just ate more protein than fat. Now I am eating so much more fat and way less protein.
            Congratulations on your race - that's awesome

            I was just wondering what your macros were and what they are now? Specifically how much protein you ate/eat.

            I am moving towards becoming fat adapted and have cut down protein to 100g a day (from 150+) - just wondering what change you made.


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              Hi @_Fi I'm sorry I did not respond right away-it has been crazy here. I try to keep it to 50g of protein a day--it usually ends up being 75g. It is really hard to limit protein when you have been eating paleo for so long! I eat fat at will--6 tbl of MCT a day, 6 tbl grass fed butter,4 tbl of CO. The butter and mct is in bulletproof coffee. I eat a lot of eggs-easier to eat more with limiting the protein.

              I also ran this weekend-a road half. I had to stay with my friend who was injured so it was very LONG-an hour more than I usually run a half in. But I felt great-no supplements during race I had bp coffee before, 1 pack of Justins almond butter, and 1/2 a kind bar at the start. I don't know if I would have run a 1:40-1:45-there is no way to tell for sure. I do know I had a massive energy surge at mile 6 and I did last weekend too in the trail half.

              I'm running 3 relays this fall--that will be a good judge of fat adaptation--running tired, putting up a 10 miler on a 3rd leg in the mountains...a real test for a girl like me.


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                I just wanted to say too--how much I actually enjoyed running last weekend and this weekend. I felt no pressure to perform at a certain level but I still felt fantastic. Which is exactly how I want to run.

                this week I went to cross fit 2x, and ran 1 day very slowly because I had too busy of a schedule with my kids. But I think it was to my benefit.


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                  Congratulations on a good race.
                  I noticed you eat chia seeds during a race. If you are in ketosis, can chia seeds get you out of it? CO is coconut oil?


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                    I am fat adapted--I burn both fuels efficiently ...well, at least I do now! It really took me a while to get there. 1 tbl of chia would not take someone out of ketosis.

                    I really don't even count carbs now at all. I just work at making sure 60% of my calories are from good fats.


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                      how were you doing it on fat if you drank oj? have you every heard of Charles Washington? he is a marathoner who eat a zero carb diet, basically nothing but fatty steaks. he does his marathons on pemmican.
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                        @BennettC I did not drink OJ I made a 3 tbl gel with about 1 tbl of OJ in it. Being fat adapted does not mean I do not eat carbs. Paleobird has a good thread on what it means to be truly fat adapted. I was low carb paleo for years--I was not truly fat adapted. I eat more carbs now being fat adapted then I was when I was what I consider regular paleo.


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                          I am interested to read how you did. I am running a half marathon in Dec, and I do Crossfit also. I just can't give up running, although after this race is over I won't be running anything over 4 miles or so.


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                            catdance62 are you already trained up to 13 miles?

                            My mileage is way down right now but I run about 3 half marathons a month--so I am just maintaining my endurance level now. I am doing a whole in Dec so now I am going to start just adding to my longest day. I am kind of just experimenting through everything to see how far I can go and how good I feel. I have 3 relays coming up--Oct, Nov and Jan--which is 3 legs over 24 hours with a total of 20 or so miles. In one I might have to take over 2 legs adding 10 miles. Depending on how my trail races go-I will do a trail whole and then maybe a 50K in the spring. I can't go much further than that.

                            I am not as fast as I used to be, I just can't get back there--right now, feeling good I am running a 1:45-1:50 half and about a 2:00-2:10 trail half depending on course. So that is okay for a 40 year old woman eating a ton of fat who gained 10 lbs of muscle doing crossfit. I went from 135-145 and I am 5'7"

                            I xfit 2-3 days a week and run 3 days a week. We are a busy family so I have to be flexible. I run about 30 miles a week.


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                              Congrulation finally your on the reac
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