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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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    sorry I am MIA--I hurt my back doing the deadlift!!! I was so mad. I am a wimp too. It happened at 155. I did really well at 147, maintained form, and I said to my trainer to go one more-I should have just done 150, I think. I could feel my back on the left side jerk out. I am just now feeling okay. I still have run 2 half marathons since then. Totally slow but it was good. Last one was 1:52. The other was trail so it was hard to determine how I did-it was in the mud too. I was top 6 in my old lady age group but it was a really tough day for everyone.

    @meloroaster--I really think you aren't living the fullest life you can until you have kids. I mean, they drive me completely nuts, but it is an awesome completely nuts And as far as fitting in the activity with kids-that is the best part--you find things you can do with them and then they grow up loving the things you do too. It actually got me running more--I bought the most expensive kick ass jogging stroller I could and ran with the kids. We used to go to parks a ton and climb and play tag and throw Frisbee and play kick ball. Now the kids are into more organized things so we run sprints, do little kids cross fitty exercises to get them in shape. They all love to swim, play tennis. The boys play football-we make up family plays to score My girl is not very athletic but she tries and that is all we ask-to be the best YOU you can be. I'm a little afraid of the softball but I muscle through playing catch with her. I love it-it gets better every year.

    Really, in retrospect, they just stare at you for the first year from their bouncy seats--you could do a lot in a home gym with a baby in a pack in play in the corner-wish we had one set up then.

    And, I wish I could go back and do the pregnancies over in a paleo way--my kids are *brilliant* now, who knows what they would be if they weren't grown in utero on caramel macchiatos, hot dogs and onion rings. Yes, it was that bad.

    Okay, next race is next Sunday. My diet has been very good on whole foods but I have been eating crazy amounts of "good" carbs. I have gained 10 lbs since xmas!!!! I feel so sluggish when I run. I knew it was there and I just kept ignoring it thinking "I am eating whole foods, I am fine" Ughhh. I still feel clear and ok physically when I am not running but it is getting in the way now and I have to wear tank tops. Operation get it off is on. I don't really know what to do. I am going to really work at watching my carbs--most days I would keep it to 100-when I used to keep it to 70. And lately they have been high. And I am sensitive to them. And I love cherries.

    Any ideas? I hate having to control every bite-but I am one of those that will have to, I think having a history of obesity and food addiction.


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      Originally posted by relaygirl View Post
      And, I wish I could go back and do the pregnancies over in a paleo way--my kids are *brilliant* now, who knows what they would be if they weren't grown in utero on caramel macchiatos, hot dogs and onion rings. Yes, it was that bad.

      Any ideas? I hate having to control every bite-but I am one of those that will have to, I think having a history of obesity and food addiction.
      I wonder the same thing about my pregnancies and how my kids would have turned out. Brady was made of Buffalo Wild Wings and Makenna is made out of Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries.

      I track my food daily for specific macros.
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      SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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        Oh MY-the half on Sunday was TERRIBLE. I did back WAY off on the carbs. I am sure that is why--I ran it in 2:05 and I was running out of the A corral--so embarrassing. I should have just gone back to E or something. I earned the A and still have a year or so that I will run out of A in the huge races. But really -it is like big mama in a sea of over fit men with absolutely no body fat.

        Okay, now what to do--for me I have to have VLC to lose-I just can't lose otherwise. And I have to lose to get the weight off to run faster but I have to keep running to train for these monster races (just signed up for an ultra in Oct). I think I am the most metabolically deranged person ever.

        During the race I just had no gas-I kept going at a steady pace and I did not feel bad during the race or after but I couldn't rocket myself out of there. I need to keep better track of my numbers-when I started writing on this thread I had just upped fat considerably and backed off protein and maintain lowish carbs. It was bad then it got better.

        I did not supplement at all except for salt tabs during the race with water. I had a bp coffee before-this is standard for me. The day before I did eat a little more than my plan I am trying out.

        I need to 1) define my goals both for training/running and health 2) meticulously track in cronometer 3) set definitive plan and stick to it for several weeks no matter training or race performance 4) give myself a break for running so bad

        I'm feeling overwhelmed with paleo knowledge again. Eat this now, eat this PWO, don't eat this, don't over train-then everyone I read is xfitting everyday...

        I just want to know where my freaking abs are--I lift heavy, I interval train, I push up and plank and kettle bell and all kinds of things and there is nothing there but the soft belly I have always had. My trainer said to me that my abs are in there...just hidden

        Okay, done complaining I hiked today and that was good.


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          I love hiking. And as much as this is so not what you want to hear, I would kill for a 2:05 half marathon finish! My best was 2:50.

          How long have you been VLC? Maybe you need to give it more time for your body to fully adjust to being a fat burner instead of a glucose burner?

          Your abs will appear - eventually. VLC will help speed that up.
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          SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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            After over a year of success with it, VLC stopped working for me (only as far as fat loss).

            I added back in some carbs (even rice and some oats). I continued to strictly avoid sugar, wheat (and other glute grains), corn, soy, legumes and seed oils and started to pay a lot more attention to calories. Never really went low calorie, but realized some of the things I ate plenty of things (i.e. almond butter, really fatty meats...) were keeping me around 3k calories/day, and adjusted my diet, keeping carbs at 60-90g/day. 10 lbs dropped as easily as the first 65 (first 65 lbs were from 90% primal choices and carbs at 10-50g/day, but sometimes crazy calories).

            I also realized that, even though "fat adapted", I more extra energy on long runs than when vlc (This was about the time I was ranting to you about maltodextrin on very long runs, which I still love).

            Everyone is different, but for me, the last little bit required a realization that calories do matter (even if they are "good" calories). Not sure adding back in the carbs helped with the fat loss, but it didn't seem to hurt fat loss and it sure helped performance.

            Don't worry about someone else's definition pf over-training... just don't hurt yourself and don't be afraid to take a day (or a few) off if you feel you need it.

            Which ultra did you choose? thinking about the GA Jewel or the North Face/GoreTex at Pine Mtn around that time.


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              @dogfuel really good info, thanks! You have awesome abs-your picture is great. I am running Pine Mountain and I am doing a relay on a team of 4, which is insane. Is the maltodextrin from corn?

              It is funny because my husband does NOTHING to exercise. He is an internal audit manager. Really, how dull is that-then he rushes home and goes to baseball practices. I pack all his food (he ONLY goes out when his group goes and it is necessary or if we are on the road for a baseball tournament)-his day looks like this:

              1 bowl oatmeal (he will not give this up no matter how much I try)
              1 coffee with HWC

              spread out during the day:
              1 apple
              1 Fage yogurt cup with cherries
              left over meat from dinner
              1 cup carrots with 2 tbl cream cheese
              1 kind bar

              1 beer

              after dinner:
              1/2 cup talenti or ice cream that I make.

              The man is ripped. Maybe not super strong, but he looks really good for his advanced age (46) He lost 75 lbs when we started this 5 years ago and he has maintained it within 5 lbs. It goes up and down with his beer consumption He is 6'3" 180-185.

              Now granted, he does not binge-he just eats what I put in front of him-no questions asked except for arguing about the oatmeal.

              I rarely go over 2000 K. But once a month I hit my danger zone and I go all out on homemade ice cream. It is like a drug.

              I think I am going to deliberately carb cycle. I have taken this past week off from running-the first week in a very long time. I don't know how many pounds worth, but I have definitely built serious muscle since Jan--way more than I ever did crossfitting. 2 days a week I lift heavy and interval train with the trainer. The other days I hike or run 5-7 miles. 1 day I do 13 or more. My friend told me the other day that I probably don't even burn calories running anymore. I know it is chronic but I am going to do this-I run, I love it.

              Now, I have to make this work--I think being super thin for a while kept me fast but I was constantly thinking about food. I could not stop-it was like 3 years in a frenzy in my brain.

              Next race is a 10 miler mid april-I love these. I might pick up a trail race on the 6th if I can get this energy level good-I might try the maltodextrin.


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                @relaygirl thanks for your reply awhile back! just getting back to forums after laying off for awhile and general life busy-ness. I totally get teh whole kids thing...but i'm 39, single. I would totally do it with someone but after lots o soulsearching realized it's not something I want to do solo. I'm totally open to being a step-mom or maybe even adoptiong or having my own in the future, but my family is all over the world and i would really need backup you know? anyway, so is life!

                re carbs etc... i think you're worrying a little too much. for me, i kinda let loose when i know i'll be doing/did extensive runs or other cardio. otherwise i try to keep it dialed in. but by that i mean around 100-150g/day. i found when i tried to go VLC my body was NOT happy with me. I could do it for a short while and then it was freak out time! So i have berries in my morning green smoothie, usually a grapefruit and might shred some yam into a meal at night (and of course a little dark chocolate!).

                but i feel you re. the abs! i'm kinda letting go of the 6-pack goal though. mainly because i know the only time i lost my belly fat (and it's not that much really), i barely ate for a month! (post break up). not exactly something i want to emulate. plus, i've got a nice bod and don't want to take it for granted! i'm sure in 10-20 years it won't look this good (although i hope it doesn't look that bad considering my focus on healthy lifestyle!) so i want to enjoy it and everything it does for me.

                as for races...i've got a half coming up on may 5th, then i'm doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer (Vancouver- Seattle) in June, another race option July 20 (probably 10k but maybe half) then a sprint tri in august 5! I'm psyched! I find i'm more excited for races now that i have removed full marathon pressure from my shoulders!

                definitely don't go low carb right before races. i would add more that week for sure. BTW do you still not use gels/candy mid-race? I'm using Vega gels which, although they make me gag a bit, do a pretty good job.


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                  I know this is a bit extreme for some but I am trying a PSMF. Not as low calorie as most people who do it but I really did not know what else to try. It is not vanity. It is economics...I literally don't have anything to wear. That works okay in the winter because I pretty much wear what I am going to run or workout in anyway-all that is super stretchy But for summer in the south, it is a different story-I have got to get into my swimsuits and shorts. I can't afford anything new. We move from ball park to ball park and I am outside for 12 hours a day in 95 degree weather-that is not fun in clothes that are too tight.

                  So do I think my fat adaptation was a failure. I just don't know how to measure this-It didn't start out good and now it is not ending good. It was hard to run at first. Then it got easier and as this thread is labeled I was running decently, but not like I was.

                  I have gained a ton of muscle but a lot of fat as well. My legs are rock hard-but I have gained muscle and fat in my upper arms and I have put on weight in back and belly.

                  I decided to start the PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) and hopefully I can drop a little weight and then move to an equal fat/protein with some carbs. It could be my old lady hormones kicking in too-but I went from 145 to 160 since I guess Oct/Nov. It is very uncomfortable for me.

                  So, this is day 3. I have a 10 miler on Sat which I am hoping I don't fall flat on my face. I'm feeling like a failure-I just thought the higher fat was THE way to go. My protein is coming in around 120 g--double what it was and my fat is half of what it was-around 60 g. I'm hoping that that is not too much fat for it to work.

                  I'm not going to the gym this week and I am running short mileage every other day-super light week.


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                    Were you aiming for nutritional ketosis? If you were 120 gm of protein is too high. If you were, 60 gm of fat is too low. Or is that your numbers now?
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                    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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                      jenn-that is now--in the PSMF. It is kind of Lyle McDonald's plan but more fat.


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                        Excuse my ignorance. What is PSMF?
                        Primal since March 5, 2012
                        SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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                          Jenn-It is a protein sparing modified fast I think it is a body builder type diet to shed fat. I really don't know what else to do at this point. I've been high fat, moderate protein, moderate carb for many months now and I gained. I watch my calories on cronometer and I am usually around 2000K. I'm 5'7" and active, obviously


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                            I've been stuck in the 180's since August so I have no advice. I'm in the same place. Not sure what to do next. Started heavy lifting to see if that can break some pounds loose.
                            Primal since March 5, 2012
                            SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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                              I tried the Lyle MacDonald PSMF and couldn't stay on it because it was so low in fat. I crashed and burned. If I ever were to try it again, I would definitely include some grams of fat in there.


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                                eKatherine--I am adding more fat for sure than a regular PSMF-yesterday I had 60 g.

                                I have lost 3 lbs so far this week.

                                Really, I think I am just a meat and veggies girl-I really can't eat the "one" serving of fruit and a few sweet potatoes a week with high fat. Others can, I just cannot.

                                So, I feel good on the higher protein, moderate fat and few carbs that are from some dairy I have been eating. I start eating vegetables next week. If I keep losing I am just going to do that-meat and veggies, cook my food in good fats but not seek them out. Which, really is how I see a basic Paleo diet anyway.

                                I'm still putting half as much MCT in coffee as I used to and I have been going through starbucks this week and getting an Americano with heavy whipping cream because my kids are driving me insane during spring break. It is either coffee or tequila. I am going with the coffee.

                                After a month of that if I am where I want to be I might try alternative day fasting (with just 2 days fast a week) and see if I can add in a few starches that way and see how I feel. I have been reading a lot about this. I was a good IF'er with an 8 hour eating window and I think this might be good for me.

                                I ran my 10 miler today fine. I ran in 89 minutes and I felt great. It was an absolutely beautiful morning and very energizing. If it was in the heat, I might feel differently. I even carried a hammer gel with me just in case I bonked since I had no idea how my body would respond to this. I have been running 5-7 for a week and a half but much slower-11-12 min miles. I felt fine doing that but it is just different running that way then kicking it into gear for me. So it went well.