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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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    Hey JudyMac-sorry I was out of town and did not see your post. I can only stomach 1 tbl of CO at a time. So If I make a race supplement (which I don't take that often) it is usually 1/2 tbl to 1 tbl mixed with good stuff.

    I ran the Key West Ragnar relay and it was AMAZING! I won't say epic because this young trendy girl who fueled her runs with diet coke in my van said epic was really passé. So now I know. Yet, to my 6th grader, everything is still epic.

    The team came in 2nd in the womens open division! Yay. I like winning. Or almost winning.

    Okay, food was great-I kicked some paleo a** with my food. I had to fly so I could not take bone broth. I was really upset. I did check my baggage though so I had a butter/mct oil/cinnamon mix in there which I left a note describing so they did not think it was bomb goo when they decimated my luggage. I baked a whole pack of bacon and crumbled it. I smashed 3 big sweet potatoes with kerrygold and CO (this I carried with me and it made it through the TSA check). I boiled 7 eggs, brought tangerines, apples, cut up melon and avocado (this was really good-mushy by the 2nd day but good), and carrots.

    So we went out to eat in Miami the night before the race and I had a spinach salad with beef, tomatoes and avocado. I had a good breakfast before the race with bacon and eggs and fruit. So we ran the 1st leg and then I had some sweet potatoes and an egg-this went well. I felt great. I was able to make a BP coffee at the hotel with my butter mix before we left. We were able to get another meal before the 2nd leg-which is rare. I had grilled mahi with a double order of green beans. I mixed another coffee in my shaker jar. Ran the 2nd leg-which was 10 miles for me. Long when you are exhausted. I ate more fruit and avocado and an egg.

    We had to sleep in the van after the 2nd legs. I mixed a coffee with my butter mix in the van in my shaker jar (sundesa blender cup) I ran the 3rd leg with heavy legs but it went okay. I ran 8:45 minute miles here-I felt bad for my team but others did not fare well either. It was 90 degrees! And half the team was from Connecticut where they are really not used to it. I ran good 7:50-8:15's the 1st 2 legs.

    We still kicked butt and we got to dress like Wonder woman-12 wonder women. Some guy wizzing by be on a leg says he loves a woman in costume I'm sure it was attractive sweating in 90 degree weather on a 40 year old woman, but hey, whatever gets you going.

    The rest of the trip I ate 3 squares and it was good with the seafood, etc. I had 6 hours in the Fort Lauderdale airport and I packed left overs from dinner to have a good lunch before I got on the plane.

    So to keep the food cold all this time I packed quart ziplocs with ice-at the airport to and from I would have it replaced. On the race I would just keep my baggie filled from the big cooler. I kept this in my lunch cooler. It worked well. I couldn't take gel ice because of the travel.

    So that was this adventure. I am running Wasatch in Utah in June and I want to crush those mountains. I am going to a new trainer with specific goals. I start tomorrow. It is the same cost as xfit. I am going to do some heavy lifting and some HIIT. I hope this is good. I need to lean out some and get strong. I did not feel my best for this race-I had some low points diet wise over the holidays that did not translate well during my race I was too into dairy for several weeks before. I had stopped the week I left but it was not enough. I felt really bloated and slow.

    Next race-this sunday, a 15K. I love 15k's.


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      Sounds like a great event! I'm so impressed with your ability to maintain your nutrition goals with all the people who don't eat like you. Has anyone ever commented/questioned the way you eat before/after a run?
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        There was kids race that was supposed to go off at 8:30, but it was delayed and we wound up starting the race late, I think a little after nine. I lined up with my training buddies, and Alyissa and I discussed doing 6:50 miles which would have gotten me in at well below a 1:30. This was, I can say with the benefit of retrospect, about as realistic as a flying freakin’ unicorn.


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          Either the spambots are getting a lot more sophisticated, or someone has a really boring job.


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            Originally posted by zilog View Post
            Either the spambots are getting a lot more sophisticated, or someone has a really boring job.
            Primal since March 5, 2012
            SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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              Hey y'all,

              @jenn26point2 I am sorry I did not see your question above about maintaining my way of eating in a sea of emaciated diet coke drinking over exercising stay at home moms (nothing wrong with that by the way if you choose it--I lived like that for years) I just happily pack my own food and don't starve when others do. When we eat out-no biggie-I just pick what I can eat. Yes, when I am on the road and eat out I am sure I am consuming oils I should not but that is okay with me since I eat well most of the time. My meal sauté d in canola oil is not going to get me.

              I had a great 15K the week after my relay. I loved it-wonderful course tons of people. I ran it in 75 minutes which is really good for me. I just ran with bp coffee that morning-1 tbl of mct, 1 tbl kerrygold and coffee blended. I had one after at home-on a normal day at home for me I eat between noon and 6 with the 2 bp coffees in the morning. I do this most of the time now. I just works for me. I have so much energy running or training with just the coffee.

              A little 10K tomorrow. Next big race is a trail half marathon in Feb. I am really running these well the 2nd half-not so good the 1st half. It is probably a mental problem with falling-I just don't like getting caught up with all the people at the start. I hate passing too and I have yet to find the happy medium of lining up with the people that run my pace and avoiding the people that run to fast to start because they are trying to position-then they realize they are running way to fast. It sucks. But I love the 2nd half of trail races so much. I am running with some of my Utah relay team but I am going to try to not feel pressured.

              I'm off dairy, except for butter for a while to try to lean out. I crave it but I just don't need it.


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                Are you following a nutritional ketosis plan? Someone on the Eat More (or Moar) fat challenge thread was wondering how she could keep running sprints and long distance while following the keto plan. I referred her to you, but told her I'm not sure if you do keto or not. Thought it might be a good idea to ask.
                Primal since March 5, 2012
                SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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                  hi all!

                  glad i found some "chronic cardio-ers" (not an evil word!) on here! i've run a marathon and several halfs and 10ks. i took a bit of a break last year and just ran recreationally which was AWESOME! no watch, no goals, just pure joy or running. now i'm primal/paleo and signed up for a half in May and Ride to Conquer Cancer road 'race' (2 days cycling) in June. I just made up my running schedule based mainly on crossfit endurance...i've followed Running Room type plans so want to switch it up a bit and see how it works out. i do crossfit-type 3-4xweek but will go to 3 plus the running in Feb.

                  also REALLY interested to hear about the increased fat percentage...i'm playing around with what works best for me...definitely super LC does NOT work given my activity level (i also ocean swim and SUP). So i've upped the thinking i don't need as much protein as i'm eating. felt a bit unnatural to shove beef jerky and whey powder in my body! so am thinking 15:25:60 (protein:carb:fat).

                  will play around with it as i train. one thing i did find was a little CO and nuts pre-crossfit workout worked REALLY well for me. i was surprised!

                  keep the posts coming!


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                    Yay! so glad you posted @meloroaster!

                    What brought me down to fat burning was backing way off of my protein, not carbs. I eat a lot of fat in the form of butter, CO, lard, tallow (render these myself), avocado.

                    I am about the same ratios as you=20:20:60 P:C:F It gives and takes. On my trainer days I tend to eat more carbs= more organic frozen cherries from Whole Foods-which works out to a whole bag instead of a half bag This is a $2.99 daily habit which I don't tell my husband about.

                    I track on cronometer but I do not obsess about it. Sometimes we go out to eat and I eat a big a** steak and my protein is way over but I just go with it. My cravings have definitely gone down since I backed off the protein as well.

                    I eat about 70 carbs a day. Now that said-on the rare rigorous days-like a 2 day somewhat endurance event I am sure it is way more but that is not the norm-running and training it is about 70-could be 50 one day and 100 next but that is about how it goes.

                    I do obsess about the quality of food I eat and this makes a big difference too. I eat animals that I know where they came from-where I know the person who fed them-except for wild seafood-who knows about that.

                    Okay, my dairy ban just flew out the window because my friend brought over a quart of raw milk. Sigh. I should be fine as long as I don't get creative with it.

                    My husband made an avocado mango mash the other day. I know crazy--pinch of seasalt, avocado, mango smashed together. He wants me to put it my reusuable gel packs for my next 10+ run. I don't need food for a half but I might give it a shot.


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                      hey relaygirl! thx for detailed response. few questions...

                      soooo 70g carbs seems really low to me! you find that enough to fuel your training? right now i'm aiming at 115 and go closer to 150g regularly. my net calories are around 1850/day. obvs when i train hard i eat more! usually i a few runs/week (one easy 6km, 1 sprint), one weekend ocean swim (1.5-2km), SUP if time and crossfit-type workouts 3-4x week.
                      my schedule will change in Feb when i start up on a crossfit endurance-like schedule for a half marathon in May.

                      like you i track on cronometer but mainly at this early point to figure out what works or not. what my intake breaks down into. i find it pretty fascinating!

                      we sound pretty similar (age, training etc) so i'm really curious as to how this works for you...acknowledging of course that it will likely be different for me.

                      also, do you tend to take your carbs later in the day? i've heard that can work well too.

                      oh and frozen cherries!!! sigh. i live in a very small remote community in northern Canada (here for work for a few years) so frozen cherries are not an option. i order dried fruit but find it's waaaaaay too easy for me to eat too much so i'm sticking to the whole fruit!



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                        Hey @meloroaster-wow Northern Canada! I am in Georgia I guess I should not complain about my 29 degree run this morning I'm not sure if I could get out of bed in that cold-but I am a Southern girl-we wear sunglasses and flip flops all year.

                        I would say I am metabolically a mess-I was overweight for years and I lost it really fast doing a crash diet. When I went paleo several years ago I think my body was in shock to be completely nourished. I seem to run the same on 70 carbs or 150 carbs--but the quality of the carbs seem to matter. Sweet potatoes really helped me a lot and I did not eat them for about 6 months when I went paleo. I was afraid of starches. I eat a small one every other day or so. I did not notice a downgrade in my training until I upped the fat. That caused me a lot of issues running but I got through it. It is hard to say I stick to my ratios-I just use it as a base. Somedays it is just more protein because of what is available, or others more carbs because I made fruit smoothies for the kids, or I will have a real fat day with bacon ends--those are pretty good days

                        I am doing serious hill training for my Utah race this summer and today I finally felt like I was climbing my hills instead of wheezing through it. I felt strong today. Now that was just 8 miles of hills. 20 miles of hills, I'm not sure about.

                        No races until my trail half at the end of the month. The kids are insane with the start of baseball and the end of basketball. We have 6 events this coming Saturday alone. Ughh. I have to pack smart snacks and be on top of the food.


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                          I'm not sure if anyone is reading this but if so-what is your take on this:

                          The Truth About Carbs & Sugar (part 1)

                          I burn a lot of calories like the author says-but really if I ate 400 carbs I would gain more weight. Maybe if I had never been overweight for as long as I was it would be okay but I don't think it work for me.


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                            I know what works for me and what doesn't... 400 gm of carbs a day does not work for me. I tried that... both before and after Primal Blueprint. Starches do not work for me (I can eat them maybe 2x per month and not have to worry about a setback). I do well with the VLC method of eating. Ketosis has proven itself to be my friend.
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                              Oh, and I can't eat carbs in moderation... I try and I fail nearly every time. Eating carbs makes me crave more carbs... then I start to crave sugar and the next thing I know, I've gained 13 lbs (this is what happened between the start of October and the end of December - one carby/sugary item led to another and then another and another, and then I was up 13 lbs).

                              For me, (starchy) carbs and sugar are addictive and compulsive eating foods.
                              Primal since March 5, 2012
                              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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                                jenn26point2 yes, I think I am a lot like you. Although sweet potatoes don't set me off but fruit can for sure. I can come up with really creative ways to make ice cream out of anything!!! Even sweet potatoes. I "liked" a lot of nutrition people on facebook lately but now I am disagreeing with stuff they say. Go Kaleo is one.

                                I have really bad news though-well, good for my rear end and my husbands wallet-the price of frozen organic cherries went up a whole $1 a bag!!! I was shocked when I stopped today for my fix. $3.99 a bag. I enjoyed it though. But at $3.99 a bag that is enough to deter me from buying multiple bags weekly like I was doing.

                                I had an awesome workout today with my trainer-I can really tell in my hamstrings and quads how strong I am getting. Hence, the good hill runs this weekend. I do a lot of sprints mixed with lifts. Today I deadlifted and did a lot of running backwards connected to the wall with bungees.

                                My friend who is on the Utah team too is training for her first marathon-it will be interesting to see how we each fare in the mountains. She had to run her 20 miler in sub 20 degree weather this weekend. That is really not for me Her face was slightly frost bitten in places. Okay, I need to toughen up, clearly.