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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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  • I suffered from ITB for 3 of my 5 marathons and finally looked into Chi running. I was a heel striker and I followed Danny Dreyer's system and never suffered from it again. I would take a look at his site and see if it looks like something you might want to try. I continue to roll out my legs and that most certainly continues to help.

    Hey Relay girl have a good run! I'm looking forward to my 10 mile run tomorrow and will bring "supplies" to use only if I'm feeling like I'm crashing and burning. Also, I will eat more starch tonight to see if that will improve my running fasted.


    • I can't type too much-I'm on my phone. I also swear by chi running as well.

      I just finished my 1st leg- 8 miles at 8.24 minute miles!!! I can't believe it. The best I've run in a very long time. Thanks y'all for all the encouragement and support. Just wanted to let you know!


      • Originally posted by ssn679doc View Post
        How do you all treat ITB syndrome? I have read quite a few articles on using foam rollers, ice, rest, NSAIDs, squats etc as methods to treat ITB syndrome. In my previous running "career" when I was on active duty, I was training for the same marathon I am training for now. I developed pain in the R knee, on the outside of the knee, and it got so bad that it was hard to walk. I stopped running, and never went back to it until last year.... Just curious if anyone has experienced ITB syndrome, and what they did to treat it.
        I have posted this on this link and others...i swear by it as i had ITB injury for many months with no relief from stretching, resting etc. Second i ran again, i had to stop after 1km. SO frustrating.

        Check out ITB Rehab Routine – Video Demonstration
        Do it RELIGIOUSLY and as often as mentioned on the site. Seriously. After a few weeks I could run again! Since then i make sure i do strength exercises at least twice a week (also very primal! squats, lunges, deadlifts, core/planks etc) and i also run on more minimalist shoes (NB minimus and Pace gloves). Zero ITB recurrence in 2 years!
        I cannot speak more highly of the strength running website. You have to keep all those supporting muscles strong!


        • Originally posted by Jenry Hennings View Post
          In no way am i trying to refute your method, but as was mentioned, you must learn to suffer! With that, do not be afraid to walk during a long run, especially with the aim of no food. If you got to mile 8 and thought, 'Need. Sugar. Now!' To the point where you can't construct a sentence, walk that last mile if needs be. Just do anything to get there. When I started, I ran 5 miles out and back. It hurt. I walked. Felt like a wimp when people saw me walk, personal pride and all, but now I run 2 hours, hilly as you like, fasted, sometimes with no dinner the night before.. Daily! To use the 'wall' analogy, it's a case of chipping through the wall with nothing but your bare hands, as opposed to the jackhammer that is glucose.
          Okay, today I ran 10 miles fasted of which, the last 3 were brutal. I carried a water bottle with nuun and had two Stinger gels with me but I never ate them. I felt good at the start of my run and did really well but as I got to mile 7 my HR was creeping above 75%Max and I would have to eventually walk about 0.1 mile before I would start to run again. I had to run walk miles 8 and 9. I decided to run the last mile regardless of my HR which went up to 85%Max. Overall, I believe I suffered and will continue the training to see if I can run farther before having to run walk.

          So Relay you're into running skirts, well I'm into running socks. Today I wore my black Martini Time socks and will celebrate my first completely fasted long run tonight with a Martini. Hope your race went well!


          • Originally posted by Hispanicgamer View Post
            Okay, today I ran 10 miles fasted of which, the last 3 were brutal. I carried a water bottle with nuun and had two Stinger gels with me but I never ate them. I felt good at the start of my run and did really well but as I got to mile 7 my HR was creeping above 75%Max and I would have to eventually walk about 0.1 mile before I would start to run again. I had to run walk miles 8 and 9. I decided to run the last mile regardless of my HR which went up to 85%Max. Overall, I believe I suffered and will continue the training to see if I can run farther before having to run walk.
            Congratulations! That's really good news! You'll soon be saving money and pocket space by keeping this up!
            One thing I will question though is monitoring your HR. I've never done it, and think there are too many variables that mean it's not entirely accurate. On the flipside, because you have, I would see about lowering intensity for running fasted FOR NOW. In other words, take it easy! Breath easy. Also higher intensities rely more on carbohydrates than fat, but once the appropriate adaptions are made, such as increase in muscle mitochondria, you can easily resume higher intensity in a fasted state.
            Nonetheless, it sounded like your body got the wake up call it needed! Keep at it!


            • Hispanicgamer-you probably made more gains in that 3 miles than the rest of the run. I would not look at it negatively. Next long run it might not get bad until mile 7.5 or 8 and then you know you are getting better.

              I don't monitor anything anymore-I used to get obsessed with it. If I am heavy breathing on a flat section I slow down unless I am sprinting. I figure hills I should be out of breath.

              Relay was awesome-next one is in April and then another in July. My next race is next sunday-10 mile trail.

              One thing about relays I love is getting to know people-we had a former playboy bunny in our van. She was older now-50. She was still hot and had just had her boobs re done. She said it had been hard to breathe now when she ran--go figure. They were huge! But she was super nice and she loved running-she just has to use 2 sports bras now to hold them all in. She ran in a power rangers dress that just covered her privates and she had furry leg covers on her calves. It was quite a site and every team knew who our team was!

              My food was great-I just kind of ate anytime I was hungry, no big deal. But I don't want any boiled eggs for a while.

              My hammies are sore but that it is it. My toe hurt a little on the last leg but it wasn't the burn that I had had that was terrible. My feet were so cold because my last leg was at 27 degrees. Thank goodness for the skirt with the fleece lined pants attached-love that.


              • Thanks for the praise guys! With regard to monitoring, I love doing it because I can see where my runs were and how many miles per year I run. I also do like the HR aspect of it because I don't want to push myself into the red.

                I will be running 11 miles this Saturday and will do it fasted. Emergency gels will be with me and cab fare, I kid I kid. I am looking forward to it and hope that it won't be as brutal.

                Relaygirl, you had chili, broccoli, and boiled eggs! I am wondering how do you eat all that and not get gassy?


                • Hispanicgamer-after bulletproof coffee for so long, I have the stomach of steel. The gassy people were the ones eating trail mix and potato chips

                  I have the insurance exam this morning-I think I might just turn away and not look at my weight. I love not knowing.

                  I have been walking since I got home with my doggy clients-I will run today. I went to the trainer yesterday and my hamstrings were sore but I was fine.


                  • Good luck on your exam and physically fit people should be given huge discounts! Too bad weight factors into their tables rather than body composition.


                    • I made the weight! Yay! It was 159 for healthy bmi and I was 157 7 more lbs to go for my personal goal. It is hard because I have tons more muscle than the average girl. The nurse said she noted on my form that I had very muscular legs because they can make a statement about body comp. BUT I had a rolling stop sign ticket and evidently that is bad in insurance land.

                      My husband was 193 and 6'2" and he does not exercise at all. Last year though he had his cholesterol checked and he had a really high nmr particle test. EVERY other number was normal for him. The doctor wanted to put him on statins. I told him that if he went on statins I would divorce him...and he is already hanging on by a thread (just kidding)

                      I ran well today and it felt great! Yesterday, not so much.


                      • Hey y'all-I took an easy week walk/running 6-8 miles a day. My hamstring still "hums"-mostly when I am driving the car.

                        I have my 10 mile trail race tomorrow-I'm going to tape my toe and I am going to wear my stiff trail shoes (and my new camo running skirt )

                        I'm not adding any food-I will run with a nuun. I'm having a protein shake/coffee before and then I will probably have one right when I get home.


                        • Good luck on your race relaygirl! you're my inspiration! 😉

                          From a little island in S.E.A.


                          • Today, I ran 11 miles fasted in preparation for my half in two weeks. I ate a decent dinner the night before and included a good chunk of yam with it. This morning I had my BP coffee with two raw eggs added and nothing else. I carried a water bottle with nuun and sipped on it as I ran. Where as last time I started suffering at mile 7 of a 10 mile run, this time I suffered at mile 10! I felt good during the whole run and was able to stay at or below 70% Max HR for about 7 miles but my HR did creep up and I had to slow my pace. However, I never really felt winded or tired until mile 10 and even then I was able to maintain my pace to mile 11. I know that I would be able to run another 2 miles so I feel pretty aware now that I do not need to rely on food for my runs. I will taper down to 9 miles next week and will continue the regimen of running fasted. During and after the run I didn't feel all that hungry but I did reward myself with half a primal bacon burger and a beer. So when I get to race day do you think I should run it fasted?


                            • Hispanicgamer-for race day I would be sure to have sweet potatoes for the 2 nights before. I think the coffee with eggs is good race day if you are stomaching it well-it's not going to make a big difference eating that morning, I don't think. Drinking 2 eggs is the same as eating 2 eggs and eggs are good. Carry 1 single honey pack or honey stinger for the race just in case you mentally think you need it. Do you like justins maple almond butter? those packs are easy to carry too and give you the same about of carbs and they have fat.

                              Loka-awesome, thanks! I will say the race day was beautiful and I looked really good in my new running skirt but that is about the end of the positivity from my race I ran like lightning the first 5 miles. I was passing easy on the trail and running the hills hard...BUT MY DAMN TOE DID ME IN! I think road running is so much less stress on it and the digging and the huge gravel just was too much on my toe. Yes, I am going to the ART chiro tomorrow and paying the $88.

                              So, then I let a few people pass me. Then a few more. Then the trail was wide open and I at least kept moving--but this race loops and criss crosses the same set of trails so I knew there was more gravel coming up. I just felt defeated. But I kept running and I am proud of that. Adjusting for my toe put more stress on my arch so that hurts now. I fell 2 times and I have a deep bruise on my right quad and on my chin but I could of broken skin and I didn't.

                              Okay so that all that sucks. But I learn something new every single time I race-about myself, about how I run, about other runners--at mile 7 a guy at the water stop heard me ask the volunteer if there was a shorter trail to DQ myself out of the race. He came up to me and said, "I think you can finish, I've been running behind you and are still strong." His name was Adam and he told me he hadn't been training and his friends left him and he was slowing down a lot. He said he would try to pace me to the end in 11 minute miles on the trail. Adam kept behind me and helped me up the 2nd time I fell and talked to me. He said he could tell how frustrated I was and he knew he could help. It was awesome. We finished. He was younger than me so he was really far down in his bracket which was big I finished 6 out of 10 in mine which is really far down in mine which was small!

                              I sit here and I have had a ton of coffee and I just want to go run and my kids are driving me nuts because we didn't go to church because of a baseball tournament. My foot is up and iced. I guess I will continue walking mostly this week.

                              Next race is the Thanksgiving Day half that I wanted to KILL but now I have doubts. So we will see. I'm going to work on my mental race this week since I will be walking so much.


                              • Don't change a thing on race day. Do what you have done, but if feeling low energy during the race, take in carbs that you are familiar with when running. Don't deprive yourself for the sake of principles. During a race is not the time to suffer, but to manage performance.
                                And good luck!