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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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  • Hi Relay! Glad your run went "well". Hopefully your next is better.

    I have a question about fuel for your long runs. I understand you use paleo options like sweet potatoes, bananas, etc... where do you carry them? I have a Nathan belt that I wear, but the pouch on it only has room for a few Gu packs, no room for a banana, etc. Heck, my cell phone barely fits in it!

    My longest run so far has only been 4 miles (5 this Saturday) so I know I'll be ok for that distance and not need any fuel, but I'm curious about longer runs and what I should take/how I should carry it. What kind of pack do you have?

    I run in my vibrams and love it! I haven't felt so good running! I used to think that my running injuries were related to weight, over training, and diet, and I'm sure they all played a part, but I think the shoes I was wearing were a bigger factor. Glad you like your new shoes!
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    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


    • You shouldn't be eating anything unless you are running over a half marathon. Your liver and muscles have ample glycogen stores. Eating just slows you down and makes you feel queasy. Sports drink and gel manufacturers like to subtly convince you that you'll get a boost in performance but it's mostly BS.
      Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.


      • @relaygirl sometimes a race is just to be 'completed'. you stuck with it in times of adversity and that deserves some major props! good for you. i also use protein powder in my shakes in the morning. fastest and easiest way for me to get protein without cooking and keeps me satiated. which one do you use? right now i'm using Kaizen Naturals.

        @jenn26 i agree with MaceyUK...personally, i only bring some fuel if i'm running over 15km. and in that case it's usually only coconut water so rather light. if i'm doing a longer run, like 18-22km or more i usually take one Vega gel. it's paleo, only sweetened with dates and actually has coconut oil in there. honey/lime/salt water is also a good option. just remember not to get too into all the running "foods". a lot of people (including myself when i was marathon training) think you can and should eat anything you want, including all those "products" when really you shouldn't be changing your diet too much. for half marathon training i eat carbs like sweet potato post-run/workout mainly a few more times during the week after especially long or grueling runs. i eat berries in the morning, maybe an apple mid-day with nuts but i didn't need more than that.

        as for me, my 240km ride to conquer cancer went awesome. no pains or soreness. although my right shoulder has been buggered for 3 weeks now, likely overuse from a 44km SUP followed by swimming and fishing. so is the fun life! i'm going to get back on the running train now. 10km or half marathon coming up end of month but i'm not putting any pressure on myself...


        • Thanks for the feedback, folks! I appreciate it. I will train without food then.

          What brand of coconut water do you get? Or do you make your own?
          Primal since March 5, 2012
          SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


          • there are a bajillion brands now...i use whatever is on sale! just make sure it's pure.
            have fun!


            • On training food-I only supplement if over a half--I actually will just carry a banana sometimes. I am used to my handhelds for trail running so carrying the banana is fine with me. I also like vega gels, chia gels (you can make these too), and I used a different one from a veggie friend on my relay but I can't remember the name.

              I can pack pureed sweet potatoes in my little gel containers I got at rei to make my own race gels. But the big thing is just fueling your body before and after with good foods-that will help the long run the most. Training tired and a little on the edge of needing something will help you build endurance and the ability to go further on less.

              Also I wear a sparkle skirt Jogging skirt, plus size running skirt, no chafing | SparkleSkirts I know it is crazy-they don't all "sparkle" but they have HUGE pockets on the thighs--these are awesome for dog running because I can pack pick up bags, treats, etc. For long runs my iphone fits no problem or money, etc. I wear them with tank tops just out in the summer because they are so cute-a flirty skirt you can sweat through in this southern heat. There is a NO chafing guarantee on them! They are expensive but I have had a few of mine for 3 years with no changes in them and I wear one every day for running or lifting.

              melo-I use Jay Robb. I am really liking it-it kind of has freed me from food always being on the brain. I lost another pound this week. I mix it with my coffee now in the morning. That is awesome your ride was so good!!!

              I am still training keto but less fat. I think that formula just doesn't work for everyone-like Attia or the BP guy-Dave Asprey. I am feeling so much better. This is so frustrating finding the "right" macro balance. Perhaps too a lot of the highest fat people don't run half marathons--they train hard but differently. I want to run and I'm not going to stop. Another thing is I think a lot of men and some women can go with the higher calories and somehow, my body just doesn't need it.

              Also, my muscles in my arms are becoming more defined--I knew they were in there because I have been consistently lifting for a year but I had this over layer of fat-not grotesque but it made me look really soft through my back and shoulders and it never made sense to me. All the paleo people at the gym would kind of eye me up and think "she is not eating paleo" I know not to compare myself but sometimes it is impossible in a sea of ripped, hot people to not!!!

              On vibrams, etc. I used these in 2010 and then in 2011 I had my stress fracture. Maybe I was training too hard in them? I don't know but I know I can't go back after 6 months of hell in recovery. I even find a lot of relief in high heels-my ortho friend told me that it alleviates pressure on my Achilles and since my gastrocs are weak it helps them. But I had a guy pass me in them in the 10K and that irked me


              • Well I am still losing weight! Yay, my belly is loosening up. The higher protein and more frequent eating are helping me. This is so hard-I have been trying to get a balance for a year! I know what I read about extra protein burning just like carbs in our system but I am losing and I feel better. It is crazy. I am re-reading protein power by the Eades and I like it even more now. They do talk more about metabolically damaged systems which I am sure I have after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting.

                I also love my mizuno waverider 16's--I know I already talked about them but I love them so much.

                My next half is August 17th.


                • Hey y'all-I am not intermittent fasting at all now. I am feeling so much better! I'm not sure what this means because it seemed to work for so many athletes on MDA. I am running better. I eat several times a day. My sleep is a little off but I am losing weight and running much better.

                  Lifting I haven't noticed a drop. No gains really. I think I back squatted heavier last week but I did not write it down.


                  • Hi, relaygirl (and others). Just read through this. Thanks, the info was helpful to me. I have lost about 35 pounds so far, with about 75 still to go. I am still kind of new to running. Ran a HM last summer and am getting ready to run 2 more this September and November. This year, I have been training on about 80-100g of carbs per day. I'm getting used to running on fat. I don't really have any questions, just wanted to say thanks.


                    • I am new to primal eating and have not yet switched over yet. I am a runner, that has had good luck with loosing weight. Except for the lingering belly fat. This why have decided that i needed to do something else.
                      Could someone tell me what they use in place of Gels? I am training for a 30 mile trail race, and use them for nutrition along with other foods.


                      • hey Matt

                        i use Vega gels as they are primal/paleo. you can also make your own electrolyte/energy liquid by mixing coconut water, water, salt, lime and honey. dates is another go-to. you'll have to experiment though cause everyone is different. the Vega gels was the only thing that worked for me.

                        good luck!


                        • Matt-chia seeds in meloroasters mix work for me too to gel it up even more. I ran with that in longer races before. But really in retrospect it is easier to carry a vega gel! I also just like a little baggie of macadamias and dried cherries.

                          Drock-if you read through this all you can see I have run the gamut of experimentation. sticking to 80-100 carbs seems good. It seems the key to kick the belly fat loss into gear for me has been to not drop my protein amounts.


                          • Hi everyone!
                            I think this thread demonstrates one thing...we are all different and need to figure out what works for us given our needs/wants. For me, i don't monitor my food or ratios anymore and have "come to peace" with the little extra "jelly" around my midsection. Because to be truthful, I am at a very healthy weight and the only time I didn't have the small jelly was post-breakup month-long starvation 10 years ago which clearly was not a healthy place to be! Cutting out a lot of carbs/sugar and increasing weight training didn't actually make any significant difference. It did however, make me feel really good, so that's my goal now.

                            I eat berries in protein smoothy most mornings, another piece of fruit during the day and usually some carbs with dinner (mainly sweet potatos but had rice last night) esp after a long run. I went low carb for a few weeks earlier this year and did not respond well. Make sure you fuel your body if you are doing anything over 15k. REALLY important to nourish yourself pre- and post-runs. Also 1/2 cup bone broth/day will keep your joints happy.

                            Just eat real food!

                            ok jumping off soap box. happy running!


                            • I'm also all over the bone broth. I make gallons at a time! I have my cow coming next week and I am going to have so many bones. meloroaster what do you season yours with. Sometimes mine is pretty bland.

                              I have been back up around 90-100 carbs a day. I feel pretty good. I have been eating right before and right after my runs and I feel really nourished. Adding the protein powder has made a huge difference for me. I know it is not paleo but I'm sticking with it.

                              The 15K I bonked at this time last year after increasing my fat consumption is coming up August 3! I want to run it so badly but I am out of extra money. I am hoping it stays open this week so I can register on Friday.


                              • I have been making pork broth cause it's what i have access to right now. I do 48h and add ginger, peppercorn and garlic/onion at the end. Finish with salt. I keep it simple and since it's summer and the last thing i want is to make soup/stew, i just drink a bit first thing in the morning.

                                I'm with you relaygirl re. protein powder. I put it in my shakes and it does me good. I feel better with a bit more protein. Especially in the AM.

                                I think i'm done for races until maybe the fall. Gotta say i've been LOVING running with no watch or schedule. But when i move back to the city, i'll probably start running with my group again. Maybe 10K in the fall...