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Fatigue and sore 5 days later

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  • Fatigue and sore 5 days later

    I been working out and training for maters swimming for over a year. I am a sprinter. Now I have a question When I have a workout that has a few 30 sec sprints and number of shorter sprints. I feel fine for about 3 or 4 days later. But about after 4 or 5 days the workout hits me. I feel fatigued and even sore. The day after I fell fine and feel ready for another workout. It has taken me a while to figure this out because normally I have not Wait the 4 days for the next sprint workout and i have blamed it on the latest workout or the accumulation of workouts. I do not want to work out only once every five days. I I guess I could do easy recovery workouts. I am just confused why it takes 4 or days to get tiered from a workout Thanks

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    I've never heard of anything like that. Something doesn't add up.


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      I know people can get delayed onset muscle soreness... but I thought that was more like 48 hours after a workout, not several days?! For me, the muscle soreness has always started the next day, and will either be gone the day after or two days after (depending on how much I use the muscles in general, I guess...).


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        I usually start hurting the day after a particularly strenuous workout and it slowly gets worse through 48 hours after and then eases off.


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          My guess is that the effort causes inflammation which actually suppresses the pain for a few days. When the inflammation wears off, then you feel the pain it was hiding. You might be overtrained.

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            Why don't you follow the intense workout with some active recovery? I am speaking for the following day or two. This would be less intense lower volume swims to increase blood flow and add some light stress to your system. This actually speeds recovery and decreases sorenessngiven enough nutrtion for recovery and sleep.
            I am assumming you are laying off completely after the sprint work and if the assumption is wrong I apologize.
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